2 Options To Get Your Overseas Living Dreams Off The Ground

The perfect retirement life awaits for you.

2 Options To Get Your Overseas Living Dreams Off The Ground

Another Year Wasted? Not Yet…

Today, outside the boundaries of America—from my native France to my new home in Panama City—you may be surprised (or relieved) by the lack of jack-o’-lanterns, candy corn, and spooky dress.

In most of the rest of the world, today is simply Oct. 31.

Yes, dear reader, we’re at the last day of October. Which means something else for you…

Not a whole lot of 2016 left to load up the wagon and get your overseas living dreams off to a start.

But there’s still time. And certainly enough time to make early plans for a big adventure in 2017.

Coming up on the events calendar, you have a number of options…

Option 1: Go Now

Last on the calendar for 2016 is our first standalone Self-Sufficiency Seminar in Cayo, Belize. If you’d love to know more about growing your own food for the table… raising your own chickens or cows… sourcing your own water and energy (all to the extent that you’re comfortable with), then don’t miss this opportunity, Nov. 17–19, to join like-minded readers for an interactive master class in living off the land… all in the tranquil setting of Belize’s Cayo region.

Our team of self-sufficiency pros, headed up by Irishman Con Murphy (whose hardworking Irish grandmother inspired his new lifestyle choice in the Cayo) will walk you through all the elements of self-sufficient living and introduce you to current opportunities around the area.

Remember, this isn’t a return to hardship. Or, at least, it doesn’t have to be—though you are fully entitled to unleash your inner Ingalls.

Con says:

“These days I live off-grid with a small solar system and backup generator and good plumbing in beautiful, peaceful Cayo, Belize.

“My friend Thomas lives close by and has gone totally back to basics. After years of living in Canada with all of modern life’s conveniences at his fingertips, Thomas chose the simple life in Belize and now uses a kerosene lamp and an outhouse.

“That is a bit of a stretch for me, I enjoy a cold fruit drink or a cool home-brewed beer after working all day in the tropical sun.”

Nor are you under any obligation to fulfill your self-sufficiency dreams in Belize. We’ve simply found it to be the perfect environment to practice these back-to-the-land ways. And, once you’ve experienced all the Cayo region has to offer, you may not want to leave.

Right now, we have a number of places left on this Self-Sufficiency Seminar. And, as a loyal Live and Invest Overseas Confidential reader, once you secure your place before this Friday, Nov. 4, I will upgrade you to VIP status… free of charge.

Option 2: Plan Now For 2017

First on the calendar for 2017, it’s our annual Live and Invest in Belize Conference—covering, again, your options for a self-sufficient life… as well as other opportunities for living and investing in this English-speaking tropical haven.

Belize is a tiny country, about the size of Massachusetts, with a population of just 350,000 people. The entire country is like a small town. It’s easy to become part of the community here. Everyone’s friendly, welcoming, and very willing to lend a hand and to make an effort for a neighbor.

If this sounds like the place you’d like to call home, join us in Belize City for our Live and Invest in Belize Conference, Jan. 18–20, when our experts and expats will give you the full story on your living options—from lush jungle to laid-back Caribbean beach (starting as low as US$28,000)—and everything you need to know to practically prepare for your move.

Come February, it’s time for the Live and Invest in Panama Conference, where your living options, again, are many: from the First-World amenities and infrastructure of expat-friendly Panama City… to the cooler highlands where you’ll be surrounded by nature… to the stunning Pacific coast where the living can be downright cheap.

I’ll have news of more events for 2017 over the coming weeks. Meantime, please feel free to drop me a line with any of your event-related questions.

Happy Oct. 31—however you spend it…

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential