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cathedral in cuenca ecuador

Find Out How To Live Better For Less In Cuenca, Ecuador

High On Historic Charm, Low On Price A colonial or medieval city can be a great choice for retirement… For many, there are few things more enjoyable than the charm and splendor of a well-kept historical city. The plazas, cobblestone streets, courtyard homes, and flowered balconies give you a peek into some bygone empire’s grand…



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Back-To-Basics Lifestyle In Belize relaxing in a hammock

Discover The Charm Of A Back-To-Basics Lifestyle In Belize

On Raising Children And Building Houses In Belize I hear lots of parents and grandparents bemoaning the fact that kids’ lives are so regimented these days… how they are never left without supervision and more often than being allowed free playtime are shuttled from one organized activity to another. As we prepare for a brood…

View of the outside of Botero museum in Medellin, Colombia.

Exploring Medellin, The Best Art Scene In Latin America

Why Medellín Is The Cultural Capital Of Colombia  After graduating university, my plan was to move to Medellín, Colombia. First, though, I wanted to spend a few months in Panama where my then-boyfriend Harry was living and would continue to be based most of the time. Sadly for me, fresh out of art school, Panama…

medellin is so much more than perfect weather

Medellín Offers So Much More Than Perfect Weather

Last Call To Join Us In The Land Of Eternal Spring Following two events in Panama City, I’m looking forward to traveling to Medellín this month for our 2017 Live and Invest in Colombia Conference April 19–21. For me, Medellín is a refreshing break from the fast pace (and higher humidity) of Panama City. It’s…

The 4 Best Beaches In Panama

The 4 Best Beaches In Panama: Sun, Surf, And Speculation

Panama’s Top Beaches For Living and Investing When I say Panama… crashing waves on a golden-sand beach… with not another soul around… may not be the first image that springs to mind. But remember, this little country has two long coasts and several clusters of outlying islands… meaning lots of different beaches—Pacific and Caribbean, touristy…

Tulum, Mexico, is a rare blend of white-sand beach, jungle, and Mayan ruins

Why This Expat Chose Tulum, Mexico, For Retirement

Why Tulum Ticks All The Boxes For Dianne… With just six weeks to go to our first Live and Invest in Mexico Conference, today I’m going to take a backseat and let expat Dianne Harper tell you how and why she and her husband came to settle in Tulum on the Mexican Riviera. Over to…

Offshore Summit – November 2014

Offshore Summit – November 2014

–Stephen Scott, United States “I feel much better prepared and therefore more confident in planning to retire in another country.” Live and Invest Overseas Conferences 2014-04-24T19:40:00-05:00 “I feel much better prepared and therefore more confident in planning to retire in another country.” https://www.liveandinvestoverseasconferences.com/testimonials/stephen-scott-united-states/ –Scot Cave, United States “The first day has more than paid for…
Panama live and invest overseas conferences

Live and Invest in Panama – October 2014

The best place in the world to base your business…and an entrepreneur’s playground…   A tax haven. As a foreign resident, you can pay zero local tax… and you can operate  your business here tax-free, too…   An international banking center (where, yes, it is still possible to open an offshore account,  even as an…

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Live And Invest In Ecuador 2014

You’ll get a broad, in-depth view of Ecuador that outsiders simply don’t know about Find the security that comes with knowing exactly how you can live—comfortably—on a budget that starts between $600 and $1100 per month. Discover Ecuador’s top destinations, where you can save thousands—tens of thousands—by buying properties on the local market. See examples and photos of…