cathedral in cuenca ecuador

Find Out How To Live Better For Less In Cuenca, Ecuador

High On Historic Charm, Low On Price

A colonial or medieval city can be a great choice for retirement…

For many, there are few things more enjoyable than the charm and splendor of a well-kept historical city. The plazas, cobblestone streets, courtyard homes, and flowered balconies give you a peek into some bygone empire’s grand era.

Living in these cities is like stepping back in time every day… bustling markets sell fresh foods and artisan goods, Baroque cathedrals punctuate the skyline, and a traditional way of life is honored and protected. It’s like the best of the good old days we grew up with… coupled with the modern conveniences we’ve come to depend on.Continue reading

Back-To-Basics Lifestyle In Belize relaxing in a hammock

Discover The Charm Of A Back-To-Basics Lifestyle In Belize

On Raising Children And Building Houses In Belize

I hear lots of parents and grandparents bemoaning the fact that kids’ lives are so regimented these days… how they are never left without supervision and more often than being allowed free playtime are shuttled from one organized activity to another.

As we prepare for a brood of our own, my husband and I think back to our childhoods. Our happiest memories are those we spent on our own or out doing nothing in particular with our friends—soccer league and after-school clubs are relegated to the cobwebs of memory.Continue reading