Blogging And Some Other Overseas Moneymaking Ideas

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Blogging And Some Other Overseas Moneymaking Ideas

Blogging For Perks And Pay

There are two types of bloggers out there…

(If you’re thinking people who blog about their pets versus moms who blog about their kids, that’s not exactly where I was going)…

I’m talking about those bloggers who make money versus those who don’t.

Actually, whether or not you make money isn’t about your blog’s theme. Any subject matter has the ability to be profitable in the blogosphere.

If you can build up enough kitty-loving readers on your feline-themed blog, for example, pet companies may pay to advertise on your site or send you cat treats, grooming products or toys to try out (and keep) in the hope of a mention on your blog. As your profile grows, you may be paid to write articles for other sites, speak at events, or even get your accommodation and meals comped at a pet-friendly resort…

Blogging is just one of the flexible moneymaking opportunities that we’ll cover at our first-ever Make Money Overseas Event—happening this Nov. 2–4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, in our coverage of blogging, we’ll be looking specifically at how you can grow a profitable blog out of your own interest or hobby.

You don’t need to have a background in journalism to write an income-producing blog. Readers who stumble on your site are seeking opinion and honesty over literary greatness. It does help, though, if you have an interest in writing, you enjoy sharing your opinions with others, and you care about spelling and grammar.

Best of all, you don’t need to have a lot of time on your hands to make blogging work…

Take Christine Young, for instance. She started blogging back in 2006, and, over the years, she’s made Nielsen’s list of “Top 50 Power Moms” and has had a bunch of TV appearances (usually reviewing useful products for busy families)… all while raising her seven kids. At times, her kids have been part of the business, too. In one early television clip, it looks like Christmas morning in the Young household as the kids are unboxing toys that have been sent out for review on Christine’s “From Dates to Diapers” blog.

We’ve managed to lure Christine away from her crazy schedule to join us at our Make Money Overseas Event. I caught up with her on the phone last week about plans for her talk and am looking forward to hearing her full story next month… as well as all the tips she’ll share for those who’d like to follow in her footsteps. (Remember, you can apply the same strategies she’s using to any topic you’re interested in.)

And, we have lots more on our agenda for this three-day event—all geared toward giving you the freedom to pursue the lifestyle of your dreams overseas

Here’s just a quick glimpse at what’s on the schedule:

The Big Ideas 
(To be covered in special panel workshops.)

  • Panel 1: What Do You Want Your Life To Look Like?
    Do you want to move around? Work part- or full-time? Consider your budget and your desired lifestyle…
  • Panel 2: What Kind Of Moneymaking Enterprise Makes Sense For You?
    Introduction to our 10 tracks to make money overseas.
  • Panel 3: Administration Support: Getting Paid And Paying Bills
    Banking, taxes, accounting, currency exchange, etc.
  • Panel 4: Set Up Your Digital Infrastructure
    Useful apps and tech stuff for your global office.
  • Panel 5: How To Choose Where To Go
    Digital nomads can work anywhere (with reliable internet). For brick-and-mortar businesses, we’ll introduce you to the best places to work…
  • Panel 6: How To Thrive In This Lifestyle
    How to stay on track and motivated.

Our 10 Tracks
(We’ll run one or more presentation per track.)

  • Freelancing: Copywriting
  • Freelancing: Travel writing
  • Consulting
  • Blogging
  • Teaching online
  • Real estate
  • Selling online
  • Tourism business
  • Import/export
  • Franchising

We’ll also cover topics like hiring staff, finding and running an office, paying taxes—all of which take on new dimensions when you’re dealing in a foreign country.

If you’d like to join us for this inaugural Make Money Overseas Event—and find out practical ways to fund your new life overseas (or enjoy a fun side project in your retirement), then this is the week to get your name on the list for Las Vegas…

Our Early Bird Discount expires this Friday, Oct. 5 at midnight.

Valentine Fouché