Catch All The Stories From Our 2020 Panama Conference

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Catch All The Stories From Our 2020 Panama Conference

“Moving Overseas Is Easy—Transitioning Is The Challenge”

Stories are how we make sense of the world around us.

And, when it comes to our conferences, nothing beats the power of the personal stories shared by our expats up on stage.

Of course, we dedicate many conference hours to giving you the practical information, too. You need to know the laws surrounding residency… you need help identifying the best places to start looking in a particular country… and what’s involved in shipping your belongings (and your pets)…

But hearing how that all comes together—straight from the people who’ve gone through a move—helps make everything seem real… and achievable.

Dusty Tubbs was the first of our expat speakers to take to the stage at last week’s Live and Invest in Panama Conference in Panama City. Full-time resident in Chitré, Dusty walked attendees through the nitty gritty of what you need to do to get your new life set up in Panama… sharing his own anecdotes along the way.

dusty tubbs speaking at the 2020 conference
Expat Dusty Tubbs tells attendees how to get connected

“Moving is easy,” Dusty told our crowd gathered in the Las Americas Golden Tower Hotel last Wednesday morning…

“It’s transitioning that’s the challenge.”

Just think about this for a moment. You spent your whole life up to now building up gradually to your current lifestyle. You were (presumably) born a resident of your country. You got a driving license, opened a bank account, bought a home, got utilities connected… all at a steady, manageable pace.

Now, suddenly, you have to do all of these things together… in a different country… possibly dealing with the extra challenge of a foreign language and/or quirky foreign practices.

When you look at it this way, the moving bit does seem easy.

Peg Fairbairn and April Hess—the next expats to take the stage—are two of the fastest overseas movers I know…

When Peg retired from her career as a schoolteacher, the couple decided that the best way to stretch her teacher’s pension—and enjoy a comfortable life—was to look overseas.

peg speaking at our 2020 conference
Peg shared her story of retiring to Panama on a schoolteacher’s pension

“After a little internet searching, we narrowed our options to Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Panama,” Peg told our attendees.

“Uruguay was a bit too far. Costa Rica was too expensive. So I focused my research on Panama.

“One day, I found a lot for sale on the internet that looked perfect. I chatted online with the sales guy… and, when April came home, I told her I’d found our new home.

“She responded with:

“‘Don’t you think we should visit Panama before we buy?’”

“I’d been reading Kathleen Peddicord’s book ‘How To Retire Overseas.’ So, I got back on the internet and saw that there was an excursion to Los Islotes—Kathleen’s and Lief’s development out on the western side of the Azuero peninsula…

“Accepting April’s condition that we leave our check-book at home, I booked us on the tour.

“When we finally stood on a hill in Los Islotes… looking out over the Pacific and surrounded by nature, we knew this was the place for us…

“The check-book was at home. But there was PayPal…

“We pulled the trigger for Panama on that first visit. Lot #68 was ours.”

I wasn’t in Panama City last week for this year’s event—our biggest and best to date. I got updates from Lief… and I was able to tap into the recordings at the end of each day.

If you didn’t make it to Panama either, you can listen back, too…

Tap into the full stories of Dusty, Peg, April, and more… all of whom have chosen different parts of the isthmus to call home.

You’ll understand what drew them to Panama in the first place… and how they navigated the settling-in process.

In addition, you’ll get the lowdown on every practicality involved in building a new life here (from qualifying for Panama’s generous pensionado program to making sure your pets arrive safely and legally in the country—all bundled into more than 30 audio recordings (plus slideshows and a package of bonus reports)…

This week only, as my team works to package it all together, we’re offering our readers more than 60% off the kit with our Special Pre-Release Discount Offer.

And, as a LIOS Confidential reader, you can enjoy an additional US$20 off the price (for a total discount of almost 70%)…

This discount is strictly reserved for LIOS Confidential readers, and you can only access it via the links in this email.

If Panama is at all appealing to you, I urge you not to delay.

Reserve your copy of this one-of-a-kind living and investing in Panama resource here now.

I hope you enjoy the stories… and are inspired to begin your own next chapter.

Kathleen Peddicord

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