hydroponics and gardening - Self-sufficient life in Belize

5 Benefits Of The Self-Sufficient Life And Where To Start

A Little Self-Sufficiency Is Better Than None

Back in January, following our Live and Invest in Belize event, we ran an optional add-on Self-Sufficiency Seminar in Belize’s Cayo region. It was our first attempt at anything like this…

We truly believe in Belize and its ability to offer one of the best “back to the land” lifestyle experiences. But, the return to self-sufficient practices is a relatively new movement—and a topic we hadn’t really talked a whole lot about. So, when we promoted the Self-Sufficiency weekend late last year, we weren’t sure we’d get the interest.

But we did. We filled up all the available spots, and those adventurers that came with us into the heart of the Cayo—guided by the experts who are living and teaching this way of life—had the weekend of a lifetime…

The feedback was so positive, we’ve decided to run another event this November. This will be our first stand-alone Self-Sufficiency Seminar…and, again, we’ll be based in Cayo, Belize.

I understand this is a specialized event—one that won’t appeal to everyone. But, if you’re at all intrigued by the idea, here are a few things you should now about the self-sufficient life…

First, you don’t need a farming background. Whether you live in the city or country… whether you keep a garden or just some potted plants on your balcony… this is open to everyone. All you need is Continue reading

Come to Las Vegas with us and experience all the world has to offer in our Retire Overseas Conference.

Retire Overseas Conference In Las Vegas Sets High Stakes

The R Word

It’s nearly here. Just five weeks to go to our biggest event of the year—our Retire Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, kicking off on Aug. 28.

This will be our sixth annual Retire Overseas Conference… and, once again, we’ll be pulling out all the stops to build on the success of previous years…

Over four days in Las Vegas, our agenda is to show you exactly where and how you can improve and enrich your lifestyle dramatically (and reduce your cost of living significantly) by reinventing your life in a new country… all in as little as 12 months.

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 80s (or anywhere in between)…

Whether you’re single or married…

Whether you have health concerns…

Whether you haveContinue reading

Our Portugal Property Tour will let you know the best places to invest in the Algarve.

Our Portugal Property Tour Had Everyone Bidding On The Algarve

Right Place, Right Time

Following our conference in the Algarve last week, there ensued a little bidding war among some attendees.
In fact, Luis da Silva of Algarve Senior Living got more than he bargained for when he took a bunch of attendees out on a property tour after our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference ended.

First, Luis needed to book a bigger van than he’d originally arranged… and then a second van… to accommodate all our Portugal enthusiasts who wanted to partake in the property tour. Since Luis had already run a tour for some attendees in the days before our event kicked off, he was surprised at getting so much more interest. But that was just the beginning…

Things really started to heat up when one particular development on the beach drew the attention of not one… but four… attendees.

Luis describes it as “an amazingly prime property right on the sand in Praia da Luz, one of the nicest beaches in the whole of the Algarve.”

Thing is, there was only one unit here on offer. So, all four attendees put a bid on it.Continue reading

The Triumphal Arch..? or The Old World charm of Lisbon?

My Heart’s In France, But My Mind’s On Portugal

What More Could An Expat Ask For?

What a week to be in Portugal! Especially for me… when my own nation, France—the host for the 2016 UEFA European Championships—winds up against the Portuguese team in the final showdown.

It doesn’t matter whether you follow the game or not. When football fever hits Europe, the excitement is contagious.

Because of my travel schedule, I’ve had to write this issue a few days ahead of publication… and before the big final. By the time you read this, the winner will have been decided.

Right now, my money’s on La France.

But, however things go for the Portuguese on the pitch, Portugal still claims an important accolade this year—one that’s far more relevant to you, dear reader, than all this football glory…

As you may have read, Portugal’s Algarve came out tops last week—and for the third year running—in our Live and Invest Overseas Retire Overseas Index.

If you were in the room with us this past week at the Carvoeiro Beach Resort for our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference, this should come as no surprise.
Simply put, the Algarve has everything the would-be expat could want. The advantages, as laid out by our experts on the ground last week, include:Continue reading

The Algarve truly represents the best of Old Europe

Investing In Algarve, Portugal, Could Be Even Cheaper After Brexit

Insanely Inexpensive Europe

It’s an exciting time to be in Europe.

Too early to see how things will play out just yet, of course. But since the euro and pound have slipped against the dollar since the Brexit referendum shook the world, we’re watching closely.

Our international real estate expert Lief Simon believes that all this uncertainty over the future of both the U.K. and the EU will help push down real estate prices in Britain and in places where the British buy second and retirement homes.

And, one of the top foreign escapes among British expats and holiday-makers just happens to be Portugal’s Algarve where we’re stationed this week for our second Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.

Looking out from the dramatic cliff-top perch of the Carvoeiro Beach Resort (our base for this week’s event), you feel you’re in a completely different world—far from the drama that dominates the media. While Brexit will certainly be part of our discussions here this week, it can’t possibly overshadow this remarkable stretch of European coast that somehow manages to remain off the radar of most Americans.

Though on the Atlantic, the Algarve has a distinct Mediterranean feel. Its beaches vary from powder white to gold sand, lapped by turquoise waves (by way of full disclosure, the temperature of these turquoise waves is undeniably Atlantic). Portugal also benefits from more sunshine hours than anywhere else in Europe—hence its appeal toContinue reading

A lock on a wooden door. | Creating An Asset Protection Plan

Creating An Asset Protection Plan: You Only Have 2 Options

The Story Everyone Needs To Hear

In all the conference presentations and workshops we run over the year, there’s one thing that always gets people’s attention… a good old-fashioned story.

We adults love a story as much as children. And, in our conference setting, it certainly captivates us in a way that listening to a speaker simply list pros and cons just can’t. Hours later, we’ll still be able to recall a good story (and its moral).

And, there’s one story that really gets our audiences’ attention. It’s made some gasp, some laugh… while many sit speechless.

If you’ve been in the room with Joel Nagel (our asset-protection and tax expert) before, you’ve probably heard him share this story. He tells it at our Emergency Offshore Summit every year. And, I reckon, he’ll be telling it for a long time to come.

It’s the “Story of Two Kings.” I can’t possibly tell it as well as Joel here—he’s able to build suspense with the audience on the ground. But, for now, here’s my best attempt at retelling…Continue reading

Secrets Of Offshore Diversification Revealed This October

The Secrets Of Offshore Diversification Revealed This October

Your VIP Ticket To Grow And Protect Your Wealth

Later this week we will be opening registration for this year’s Emergency Offshore Summit, and so I am alerting you now (ahead of our general readership) to this opportunity for early access—and the chance to qualify for a VIP seat.

If you’re ready to join us, you’ve made a very smart choice… and we look forward to working with you this October to nail down your personalized plan to grow your wealth and protect your future (and, of course, enjoy the adventure of a lifetime).

If you’re on the fence, not sure that the Emergency Offshore Summit is something that applies to you, then please stay with me…

Before I tell you about what’s in store for you at this event, I need to bust a couple of myths:Continue reading

a beautiful beach on a sunset could be one of your destinations when deciding where to retire overseas

Deciding Where To Retire Overseas? You Need To Be Here

The Only Place You Need To Be This Year

I love watching attendees over the days of our live events. Some walk in the door knowing exactly what they want and where they want to go. But, they tell us, they’re in desperate need of somebody to show them the ropes… to walk them through how they’re going to make this new life overseas happen.

All of our attendees here in Panama last week, of course, had some interest in Panama. But they weren’t all sure about where exactly in this extremely diverse country they’d like to hang their hats.

Sometimes it happens that an attendee strikes it lucky. All it takes is one conference and they’re in. They’ve made up their minds. It’s Panama for them. Or Belize. Or Portugal. They don’t want to see a single other place.

For Peg and April, who shared their story with attendees last week, it was Panama all the way. When they joined us for an excursion to the Los Islotes development a few years back, they were completely sold… as was Lot #68. Today, as their colonial-style home on the stunning Sunset Azuero Coast nears completion, they feel like their adventure is just beginning. (If you missed us in Panama and would like to catch up on all that happened here last week—including Peg and April’s entertaining journey—you still have time to avail of our special pre-release discount and Continue reading

Live and Invest In Panama Conference 2016

This Year’s Panama Conference Has Even More Experts

All Hands On Deck In Panama

Over the last few months, I’ve been lucky to get to travel to Belize, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic for our Live and Invest Overseas in-country events. This week, though, I get to stay home… and just scoot across the city to the Marriott Hotel Panama City for our Live and Invest in Panama Conference.

Hosting an event here, where most of our office staff lives, should be a breeze compared with the extra work involved in pulling a conference together in another country, right?

In fact, it’s turning out to be one of my busiest weeks on the calendar so far. The excitement is building and there’s more of a buzz here at Live and Invest Overseas HQ than I’ve felt for any of our other in-country events (probably since most of our office is involved in some way—many of them working on their own presentations as I write)…

If you thought you’d heard everything we had to say about Panama, then let me tell you, there’s a lot more to come…

Though Kathleen, Lief, and our other Panama experts may haveContinue reading

why tourism in portugal is on the rise

Tourism In Portugal Is On The Rise And Here’s Why

Best Bang For Your Buck In Europe

In 2015, Portugal celebrated a new record. The number of international visitors to the country broke the 10 million mark for the first time.

Still, 10.8 million (at the final count) doesn’t look so impressive when you consider neighboring Spain’s influx of over 60 million, France’s 84.5 million… and even Poland’s 16 million.

For some reason, Portugal—once a leader in world exploration and discovery—remains off the radar of European and farther-flung international visitors.

This, of course, is good news for those of you in search of a longer stay in one of Europe’s finest havens…

Because Portugal remains off the radar, its beaches remain unspoiled. Its cities (with their romantic, historic past and all the charm of Old Europe) are less swarmed with visitors and have a safer and more relaxed feel.

And it’s why you’ll find more bang for your buck here than anywhere else in First World, Old World Europe. Costs here are as much as 30% lower thanContinue reading