How Life In Medellín Is Better Than You Could Imagine

Colombia is right now one of the most promising emerging markets today.

How Life In Medellín Is Better Than You Could Imagine

The Truth About Medellín

“The one thing I kept hearing over and over was that people couldn’t believe how nice Medellín is,” Lee Harrison reported after our Live and Invest in Colombia Conference last April.

“They couldn’t believe,” he explained, “that we didn’t do a better job explaining how nice it really is.

“I told them that if we described what Medellín’s like, for real, in real detail, no one would believe us. We’d lose credibility…”

As registration is now open for our seventh Live and Invest in Colombia Conference, I’m here to tell you that Medellín is hands down the prettiest, cleanest, safest city I’ve visited in this part of the world.

Last April was my first visit to the city. And, like our attendees who cautiously stepped off the plane, everything about Medellín exceeded my expectations. Despite its population of 3.5 million, the vibe is small-town friendly. The people here live to a different, more relaxed, beat. And it’s all part of the charm.

Had Medellín been my first stop after leaving Paris behind last year, I may have been in for a less dramatic dose of culture shock. There’s a distinct European air about town… from the way the locals dress to how they greet you as they pass by on the street… to the winding streets and Spanish-Colonial buildings (in varying states of repair).

Right now, Medellín is a very appealing part of the world to be in. Not just for its welcoming people and fresh mountain air… but for its downright affordability.

In July 2014, the Colombian peso was trading at 1,850 per U.S. dollar. Today, it’s 3,150 per U.S. dollar, giving you 70% more buying power today than you had two years ago. In other words, a condo selling for US$150,000 two years ago is now selling for just US$88,000.

Of course, your buying power goes beyond purchasing property. Everything from furniture to rent and a dinner out in a fine restaurant costs you less. That dinner that cost you US$100 back in 2014 is now only US$59.

Medellín offers that rare combination of a sophisticated lifestyle… at a super-affordable price tag.

If you’ve been thinking about making a move here, the time to act is now.

Join us at the luxury San Fernando Plaza Hotel in El Poblado, Medellín, April 19–21, 2017, for our seventh annual Live and Invest in Colombia Conference… where we’ll break everything down, step by step, so you have all you need to follow through on your dream of living, retiring, investing, or doing business in Colombia.

We’ve assembled an impressive staff of Colombia experts, including an unprecedented number of expats to make sure you get the most during three information-packed days.

Our team will walk you through everything you need to know to:

  • Make the big move to Colombia (from residency and visa options… to bringing in pets… to finding a home to rent or buy)…
  • Settle in with ease (getting connected, paying bills, opening a bank account, learning Spanish, finding quality medical and dental care, and more)…
  • Take advantage of the country’s diverse investment opportunities (from buy-to-let units to organic farming options)…

As always, our speakers will allow plenty of time for you to ask questions… and be on hand for you to connect with in our Exhibition Hall… as well as over coffee breaks and cocktails.

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential