Our Home Conference Kit Has All The News From Portugal

image of hotel swimming pool in portugal from high vantage point. rocks and the sea are in the background

Our Home Conference Kit Has All The News From Portugal

As Sunny, Enjoyable, And Affordable As Europe Gets

Great weather… amazing ocean views… friendly locals… and some of the freshest, most delicious seafood on the planet…

What a pleasure it was to return to the Algarve last week for our 2018 Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.

We were surprised by the mix of nationalities represented among our 100-plus attendees in Carvoeiro. It’s usually North Americans who fill our event rooms. But for our three days together last week, we had a diverse mix that included visitors from Britain, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, and Oman.

The British, of course, have been buying up homes in this part of the world for decades. How much Brexit manages to slow them down remains to be seen. But, whatever happens, it looks like, going forward, they’ll be sharing their adopted homeland with a growing number of U.S. and Canadian citizens who are catching onto the charms of Europe’s sun-drenched southwest… and prepared to travel all the way across the Atlantic.

Canadian Dirk Driedger, who shared his story from the podium last Thursday morning, came to the Algarve from Albania—after his visa expired in that country. Dirk had first considered moving to Spain. But after a few days in Altea—the town that had been recommended to him—he knew it wasn’t for him and drove on to Portugal. After a chilly evening in Cascais on the west coast, he craved a warmer climate and drove down to the Algarve

Today, Dirk lives in Lagos (about half an hour west of Carvoeiro) where the weather suits him perfectly and he enjoys the beautiful, uncrowded beaches, abundance of fresh seafood, the great outdoors, and the ease of travel back home to Canada… as well as the opportunity to explore other parts of Europe.

Dirk was just one of the expats who tempted us with his tales of Algarvian life. Also among our guest speakers were lawyers, realtors, developers, language teachers, banking and currency experts, shipping specialists, and more—all to help inform our audience on the practical issues of moving to or investing in this part of the Old World.

If you missed out on the live event, you can still tap into everything our experts shared on the ground last week in your 2018 Live and Invest in Portugal Home Conference Kit.

Inside this special package of audio recordings and bonus reports, you’ll find out:

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  • Your best options for health insurance in this country…
  • How to open a bank account for yourself or your business…
  • The top residency visa options… and how to obtain them…
  • Several itemized budgets for day-to-day living, for those with budgets big and small….
  • Terms for borrowing locally for the purchase of real estate…
  • Real-life tales of success from expats already living and doing business in this top emerging retirement and investment haven…
  • And much more…

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