Retire Overseas Virtual Conference 2021

Nov 16-19, 2021

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Monday, Sept. 13th, 2021

  • Welcome

    Kathleen Peddicord, Live and Invest Overseas

  • Imagining Your New Life Overseas

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, Kat Kalashian, and Sophia Titley

  • Timing Your Retirement: A Balancing Act Between Time, Place, And Money

    Lee Harrison, Live and Invest Overseas

  • Workshop #1: Retirement Planning—Don't Let Money Get In Your Way

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon and Lee Harrison

  • Workshop #2: Visas And Residency

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, João Gil Figueira, Roberto Guardia, and Juan Darío Gutiérrez

  • Workshop #3: Taxes For The Expat And Foreign Retiree

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, João Gil Figueira, and Vincenzo Villamena

  • Workshop #4: The Property Question

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, Lynn Mulvihill, and Luis Teixeira da Silva

  • Workshop #5: The Nuts And Bolts Of Getting Established Overseas

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, Darlene Gunter, Amy Prisco, and Kat Kalashian

  • Tuesday, Sept. 14th, 2021

  • Discover Asia—Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Sophia Titley, Alexander Llanes Acain Jr., and Bart Walters

  • Discover Europe—Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, Croatia, and Greece

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, João Gil Figueira, Kat Kalashian, Raymond Setzer, and Sophia Titley

  • Discover The Americas—Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Uruguay

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, Wendy Howarter, Dusty Tubbs, and Lauren Brown

  • Workshop #6: Health Care For The Retiree Abroad

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, and Adam Bates

  • Building A Monthly Income Stream Using Dollars You Would Otherwise Pay Out To Federal And State Income Taxes

    Don Hosmer, Royale Energy, Inc.

  • Belize... An English-Speaking Caribbean Paradise Less Than Three Hours From The United States And A Top Option For Escaping All The Troubles Of The World And Living A Sweet, Simple, Back-To-Basics Lifestyle…

    Phil Hahn

  • Panama... The World’s #1 Retirement And Business Haven... With Still-Emerging Pockets Of Opportunity For Real Estate Investment...

    Dusty Tubbs

  • Using Your Self-Directed IRA To Invest In Real Estate And Offshore Investments

    Daniel Hanlon, Midland Trust

  • Wednesday, Sept. 15th, 2021

  • Thailand... Super-Affordable And Exotic, With Luxury-Level Lifestyle Opportunities, Excellent Health Care, And Asia’s Top Golf Courses...

    Bart Walters

  • Portugal... A Peaceful, Surprisingly Affordable European Destination And Our #1 Choice For World’s Best Retirement Haven...

    Alyson Sheldrake

  • Cyprus… Sleeping Beauty Of The Mediterranean With Stunning Beaches And Bargain Real Estate…

    Marina Nikolova

  • The Perfect Place To Be In North Cyprus

    Dengiz Kürşat, Avertiss Real Estate Ltd., Cyprus

  • The Best-Kept Secret In Alternative Investments

    Keith Jacobsen, International Coin Alliance

  • Living Overseas Success Stories—Conference Alumni Share Their Real-Life Adventure

    Kathleen Peddicord with Wendy Howarter, Dusty Tubbs, Joch Woodruff, and Jeff Woodruff

  • The Advantages Of A Live And Invest Overseas Premium Membership

    Ryan Wrobel, Wrobel & Co. Attorneys-At-Law, Belize

  • Qualifying For Residency In Belize

    Daniel Hanlon, Midland Trust

  • Mexico... Accessible, Affordable, And Familiar, With Two Long Coastlines And Well-Established Expat Communities… Why Go Farther?...

    Lee Harrison

  • Invest Now, Retire Later: How to Jumpstart Your Retirement 7 Years Early

    John Palumbo, Beachfront Offers, Brazil

  • Belize Caribbean Opportunity For Profit And Yield

    Rachel Jensen, ECI Development, Belize

  • Thursday, Sept. 16th, 2021

  • Italy... La Dolce Vita Is More Affordable Than You Might Think…

    Raymond Setzer

  • Retire And Invest In Portugal: Our Favorite Haven For 9 Years In A Row

    Luis Teixeira da Silva, Algarve Senior Living, Portugal

  • France... Ground Zero Of Refined Western Culture, Plus The World’s Best Health Care And Most Romantic City… It’s More Affordable Than You Might Think…

    Kat Kalashian

  • Life In Italy’s Abruzzo Region… Plus Your Property Options

    Monia di Guilmi, Abruzzo Rural Property, Italy

  • Small-Town Living In Argentina’s Sierras

    Paul Reynolds, Reynolds Propiedades S.A., Argentina

  • International Health Insurance

    Adam Bates, Insurance Services of America

  • Portugal—Get Your Residency In Our #1 Retirement Haven

    João Gil Figueira, Gil Figueira & Devillet Lima Advogados, Portugal

  • Vista Encantada On Mexico’s Glorious South-Pacific Coast

    Sandra And Carlos Munguia, Vista Encantada Eco-Club, Mexico

  • A 101 On Residency Visas In The Little Isthmus

    Roberto Guardia, Guardia & Co., Panama

  • Independent Together: Lifestyle, Liberty, And Legacy In A Safe, Sustainable Community

    Phil Hahn, Carmelita Gardens, Belize

  • Offshore Taxes For Americans—Q&A

    Vincenzo Villamena, Online Taxman

  • Friday, Sept. 17th, 2021

  • Finding Your French Dream Home

    Dennelle Taylor Nizoux, Renestance, France

  • ECI Development—A Hard Money Pre-IPO Success Story

    Mike Cobb, ECI Development, Latin America

  • Malta—A Taste Of The Island’s Property Offerings

    Alex Papagiorcopulo, Homes of Quality, Malta

  • Accessible Swiss Wealth Management For Americans

    Jamie Vrijhof-Droese, WHVP, Switzerland

  • Affordable Properties In Montenegro—Enjoy Earning More Than 10% Net ROI

    Neira Garaplija, API Investment Ltd., Montenegro

  • Ecuador’s Top Residency Visa Options

    Grace Velastegui, Grace Nelson Attorneys at Law, Ecuador

  • Panama Roundup—Best Retirement, Investment, And Lifestyle Haven

    Liz Larroquette, Empresas Bern, Panama

  • Your Best Bets For A Residency Visa In Colombia

    Juan Darío Gutiérrez, Gutierrez Group, Colombia

  • Oceanfront Real Estate Opportunities In Ecuador

    Amy Prisco, The Amy Prisco Agency, Ecuador

  • Q&A

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, Adam Bates, and Vincenzo Villamena

  • Taking Those Exciting Next Steps

    Lee Harrison, Live and Invest Overseas