What Everyone Must Know About Algarve, Portugal Beaches

Head Here For Old World Charm And Spectacular Beaches

For my birthday earlier this year, I planned a week-long trip to Portugal, which included a few days taking part in our 2019 Live and Invest in Portugal Conference…

Before getting to work there, though, Harry and I spent a few days in a chic hotel in Lisbon, touring, sightseeing, and eating our way through the cosmopolitan city.

I love discovering new cities, especially those that are walkable—at least in parts—and those with easy-enough-to-use public transportation systems. We took buses across the city and back again to check every museum, monument, park, and notable sight off my list (I love a good checklist—never travel without one!).

If you visit, I highly recommend the Gulbenkian Museum. The collection was formerly theContinue reading