why tourism in portugal is on the rise

Tourism In Portugal Is On The Rise And Here’s Why

Best Bang For Your Buck In Europe

In 2015, Portugal celebrated a new record. The number of international visitors to the country broke the 10 million mark for the first time.

Still, 10.8 million (at the final count) doesn’t look so impressive when you consider neighboring Spain’s influx of over 60 million, France’s 84.5 million… and even Poland’s 16 million.

For some reason, Portugal—once a leader in world exploration and discovery—remains off the radar of European and farther-flung international visitors.

This, of course, is good news for those of you in search of a longer stay in one of Europe’s finest havens…

Because Portugal remains off the radar, its beaches remain unspoiled. Its cities (with their romantic, historic past and all the charm of Old Europe) are less swarmed with visitors and have a safer and more relaxed feel.

And it’s why you’ll find more bang for your buck here than anywhere else in First World, Old World Europe. Costs here are as much as 30% lower thanContinue reading