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For Some, Going Offshore Is All About Protecting Loved Ones

How This “Ordinary Guy” Is Building His Wealth, One Flag At A Time…

In Santo Domingo last month—for the first time in Offshore Wealth Summit history—one of our alumnus took the stage.

Every year, it’s a packed schedule, but we made time this year for All Access Pass Member Dusty Tubbs to share his story as the “ordinary guy” in the room…

“Six years ago, my wife Carolyn and I were sitting exactly where you’re sitting now,” Dusty told our audience. “You’re here today because you want to learn from Lief and his team of offshore experts who have been planting flags for decades. But I’m here to show you that the ordinary person can have success, too—and turn things around within a few years… Continue reading

Go Overseas When You’re Able, Not When You’re Comfortable | Live and Invest Overseas Conference

Go Overseas When You’re Able, Not When You’re Comfortable

Whatever’s Delaying Your Move, We Have The Solution…

Go when you’re able… not when you’re comfortable.

This is one of our big mottos at Live and Invest Overseas.

Let’s face it, there’s nobody in the world who’s going to be 100% comfortable starting over on new territory.

But what you may not realize is that you’re more able to go than you think.

If you thought your biggest barrier to going overseas is money, for example, have you considered any of the places in the world where you can live for US$1,000 (or less) a month?

That’s less than the average U.S. Social Security check… yet you’d be far from struggling in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Thailand (to name a few)…

Or had you thought about some of the freelance careers you could start to supplement your income—like travel writing or blogging, photography, or import/export? Wendy Howarter, who semi-retired at the age of 49, took up travel writing to fund her new life in Medellín, Colombia.

Maybe you don’t want to move too far from your kids and grandkids or elderly parents… Had you thought about Mexico? Depending on where you currently live and where you choose to settle, you may be able to just drive on down (or fly in less than two hours)… Mexico offers a diverse range of lifestyle options, too… not to mention favorable prices for U.S. dollar-holders today.

Or perhaps your biggest fear is the language barrier. In Belize, that little English-speaking country in the Continue reading