The Algarve truly represents the best of Old Europe

Investing In Algarve, Portugal, Could Be Even Cheaper After Brexit

Insanely Inexpensive Europe

It’s an exciting time to be in Europe.

Too early to see how things will play out just yet, of course. But since the euro and pound have slipped against the dollar since the Brexit referendum shook the world, we’re watching closely.

Our international real estate expert Lief Simon believes that all this uncertainty over the future of both the U.K. and the EU will help push down real estate prices in Britain and in places where the British buy second and retirement homes.

And, one of the top foreign escapes among British expats and holiday-makers just happens to be Portugal’s Algarve where we’re stationed this week for our second Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.

Looking out from the dramatic cliff-top perch of the Carvoeiro Beach Resort (our base for this week’s event), you feel you’re in a completely different world—far from the drama that dominates the media. While Brexit will certainly be part of our discussions here this week, it can’t possibly overshadow this remarkable stretch of European coast that somehow manages to remain off the radar of most Americans.

Though on the Atlantic, the Algarve has a distinct Mediterranean feel. Its beaches vary from powder white to gold sand, lapped by turquoise waves (by way of full disclosure, the temperature of these turquoise waves is undeniably Atlantic). Portugal also benefits from more sunshine hours than anywhere else in Europe—hence its appeal toContinue reading