Life In Medellín And Mexico

Life In Medellín And Mexico: Latin America’s Best Options

Are We Still In Latin America?

As the crow flies, Panama City (my newly adopted home) and Medellín, Colombia—where we gathered last week for our sixth Live and Invest in Colombia Conference—are but 330 miles apart.

For such relatively close neighbors, the differences are staggering.

Goodbye, frantic big-city life… towering blocks of glass and steel… and a constant near-100% humidity…

Here, in spring-like Medellín, you’ll see more red-brick buildings and clay-tile roofs… more green park areas… and bursts of color from the flowers this city is famous for.

Hard to believe that, at 3.5 million, Medellín’s population is more than twice that of Panama City. And still, Colombia’s second-largest city is not fighting to keep the pace andContinue reading