Life In The Dominican Republic

Life In The Dominican Republic: The Caribbean Within Reach

9 Reasons To Pack Your Bags For The Dominican Republic

ust a little over five weeks from now, we’ll be touching down in Santo Domingo for our fourth Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference.

If you’re dreaming of the good life in the Caribbean and you haven’t yet grabbed your seat in Santo Domingo, this week is the time to do it—before our Early Bird Discount expires on Friday.

I recently told you about how Bill and Anne Piatt found their paradise in Las Terrenas—the Samaná Peninsula beach town that’s been drawing European expats for decades. This is a truly unique community (one that a growing number of Americans is falling for) where each nationality brings its own flavor to town and provides an eclectic mix that’s not typical of a Caribbean island. (Expats in town complain that, no matter how long they stay, they’ll never have time to check out all the tempting restaurant and café options on offer.)

It helps that property prices, too, are not typical for this part of the world…Continue reading

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Dominican Republic: Your Best Lifestyle Option In The Caribbean

Best Place To Escape The World

When we say that the Dominican Republic is the world’s next top “do-everything haven,” we don’t just mean that it’s one of the best places to live, retire, run a business, make a real estate investment, and qualify—relatively quickly and easily—for residency and a second passport…

Yes, you can do any and all of those things. But you get to do them in the Caribbean… without the usual Caribbean price tag.

And, quintessentially Caribbean as the DR is, it offers one of the best lifestyles possible. Here, you’re not locked into a lazy beach existence… but have options for year-round entertainment—from upscale restaurants and international theaters to jungle trails begging to be explored and the chance to watch hundreds of humpback whales perform their tricks just offshore.

Most of the expats we know living full-time in the DR discovered it first on vacation. While they started out at the resorts of Punta Cana or Puerto Plata, something about this place appealed to them that made them move beyond these tourist hot spots and explore the realContinue reading

The sun sets over the Dominican Republic while walking on the beach in Bavaro, near Punta Cana.

Your Chance At The Caribbean Dream: The Dominican Republic

Best Of The Caribbean (At Unheard-Of Prices)

The trouble with the Caribbean is that, if you’ve been to one island—or any stretch of its white-sand, turquoise-water-splashed coasts—you may feel like you’ve seen it all.

But not all Caribbean islands are equal. Beyond the powder sand, warm water, year-round sunshine, and relaxed pace of life that you’d expect from this part of the world, one island stands apart.

This island is not simply a place where you could kick back for a couple weeks’ vacation… but a place where you’d be tempted to stick around longer… and could live an active lifestyle—from exploring its caves, waterfalls, and coral reefs to enjoying a cultural night out with your choice of jazz, opera, or ballet… a private wine-tasting at a local cellar… or even a live baseball game…

I’m talking about the Dominican Republic… which, right now, also represents the best bang for your buck in the Caribbean. No contest.

Here, you could own the beach house of your dreams for as little as US$250,000… or a smaller apartment, a stone’s throw from the sand, for less than US$100,000.

And, you don’t have to wait for the expat amenities to be brought in; they’re already here. While Americans have onlyContinue reading