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Wat Phra Nang Sang Temple in Phuket Province, Thailand.

Why You Should Go To Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Charmed Me—But Is It For You? I have to admit that I feel like a pretty well-traveled person… until I meet someone who has spent time in Asia. And then I

White beach on beautiful Belize.

Living A Whole New Life In Belize

Potluck Dinners, Darts, And Dancing—One Expat Couple’s Trial Run In Belize It’s gray, dark, and rainy here in Paris… and it’s unlikely to change much over the next couple of months. It’s around this time of year that I’d usually try to organize a trip to someplace sunny. In fact, every January we hold our…

Happy family with suitcases in the airport.

Moving Overseas Will Affect Your Family But It Can Be For The Better

How Will A Move Overseas Affect Your Family? As I celebrated my daughter’s first holiday season, the idea of legacy was strong in my mind. As all new parents do, I became nostalgic for my own childhood holiday traditions as I thought about the celebrations upcoming for her. And I thought about how different my…

Christmas decorations in Alsace, France.

How To Celebrate A Traditional Christmas In France

Got The Stamina For A Traditional French Christmas? Paris has been alit since Nov. 24, give or take a few days depending on the quartier. The city’s Christmas streetlights bring a familiar cheer to strange times. It’s not the same this year as in years past, but there’s a festive feeling in the air despite lockdowns…

Scene with a female walking on the street of Iberic city.

Expats Lessons After Moving Overseas: The Challenges You Will Face

4 Steps To Surviving A Move Overseas—Part II Last week, I began telling you about the four biggest things I’ve learned through my international moves. We covered what you should take and what stays behind… as well as how to adjust to your new environment. (If you missed that first installment, you can catch up…

Woman enjoying beautiful panoramic view of Paris with cup of coffee.

The Truth About Moving Abroad And What It Really Means

4 Steps To Surviving A Move Overseas—Part I I gave a presentation for our recent Live and Invest in Europe Virtual Conference; it was my first ever “expat talk,” as we call them. I’d heard plenty of them over the years, but this was the first time I did one myself. My expat story started…

Camilo Beach in Lagos, Algrave, Portugal

Living In The Algarve Where Every Day Feels Like August

Why Portugal’s Algarve Is Hard To Beat Portugal’s Algarve is often called Europe’s most famous secret. This region boasts Europe’s best beaches, golf courses, some of Europe’s friendliest folk, and Western Europe’s lowest cost of living. It’s also Europe’s newest tax haven. Today, as we gear up for our first ever Live and Invest in Europe…

Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo, Italy: An Affordable Italian Lifestyle Beyond Tuscany

This Is The Best Of Italian Living—At A Bargain Price As you ski lazily down a gentle slope, a ray of sunshine hits your face, and you look down to the coastline… The sun is glittering on the Adriatic and has just illuminated the endless vineyards and olive groves that lead down from the mountains…

Traveling family looking on Bled Lake, Slovenia, Europe

The Top 10 Greatest Advantages Of Living In Europe

Top 10 Reasons I Moved To Europe Heart versus head. When it comes to choosing where to live overseas, both have to play an important part. I’ve talked a lot over the last few weeks about the head side of things… thinking about environment, climate, infrastructure, etc. But the more abstract side of things is…

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5 More Things To Check Before You Move Overseas

Last week I began a list of things you’ll need to think about when you’re planning for a move overseas. This week, we continue… 6. Get Your Affairs In Order Go paperless on all accounts and make sure you know how to use online banking. Don’t close any bank accounts, but change your address on file…