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Woman wearing traditional white Panamanian dress and other people in the street during Panama National Day parade

Holidays In Panama: What “Mes De La Patria” Is All About

Kicking Off The Holiday Season In Panama Today, Nov. 1, is a holiday here in France, as well as in much of Europe, in many African countries, a few in the Americas, and in Russia… and it kicks off the season of holidays around the world. Halloween: The Start Of The Holidays Actually, Halloween really…

Cayo Zapatilla in Bocas del Toro province of Panama.

Why Bocas Del Toro Provides Panama’s Best Coastal Caribbean Living

The Other Side Of The Isthmus I lived in Panama City, on the country’s southern, Pacific Coast. My experience living in the Hub of the Americas is, therefore, somewhat limited. Sure, I visited the northern, Caribbean Coast… but it may as well have been a world away. I’ve holidayed in Bocas del Toro, arguably the…

Keel-billed Toucan, shot in Panama.

What Makes Living In Panama A Wonderful Experience

Top 7 Things I Miss About Panama It’s been nearly two full years since I packed my bags and left the tropics. I have to admit that I was more than eager to move on from Panama… I had waited so long to get back to Paris. But knowing that Panama would always be in…