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Panama Has Opportunities For Nearly Every Lifestyle

City Comforts Or “Machete In Hand”—Which Panama Is For You?

At Live and Invest Overseas, we claim Panama is the easiest place for North Americans to dip a toe into living overseas.

When we say that, we’re speaking specifically about Panama City and its suburbs. In Panama City, the architecture isn’t all that different to a major American city. You’ve got your most popular U.S. franchises and international designer brands. You can easily connect with other U.S. cities and the rest of the world (Panama City is truly the Hub of the Americas). And, you’ll find many English speakers, or at least be able to seek some out without much effort.

There is comfort in all of this. But it doesn’t have to be all about fast-paced city life. You can live in Panama City and lap up the day-to-day conveniences of the city… yet be able to break out to the beach or into the jungle for a day’s adventure. Panama City offers you a safety net while you acclimatize… and perhaps scout other options.

Outside of Panama City, you have “the interior.” Don’t be fooled by the name. The interior boasts coastlines and beaches—both Pacific and Caribbean—as Continue reading