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Colorful houses in Girona, Catalonia, Spain

How To Invest In Property 101: The Pitfalls You Should Avoid

5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Overseas Property Investment Among the new trends we faced last year, a country home being snapped up by a foreign buyer “sight unseen” was an all-too-frequent story… 2020 was the year that technology stepped in to bridge the gap like never before. Maybe you embraced this and bought property…

Complete Guide To Buying A Rental Property

Complete Guide To Buying A Rental Property

Checklist For Buying Income-Producing Properties Overseas Buying a rental property abroad offers a myriad of benefits.With one transaction you can diversify your market and currency risks, get higher long-term returns on your investment, access undervalued markets, and set yourself on a path of adventure.Buying your first overseas rental can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have…

Porto Portugal city skyline at Porto Ribeira

The Top 5 Rules To Start Investing In Property Successfully

5 Rules For Overseas Property Investing I grew up in a household that put great value on owning real estate. Before I was 10, my family had purchased property overseas, and would go on to do so many times over before I graduated high school. My stepfather, real estate investing guru Lief Simon, now maintains…

Beach and townscape of Blanes, coastal resort town on Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain.

The Pros Of Renting Overseas

Why You Should Rent Before You Buy (Sometimes) Last week we offered some insights into how to purchase real estate overseas and explained that when it comes to foreign property, there can be two conflicting agendas: personal use versus a straight-up investment buy. If you’re buying for investment, then the decision to buy is simple;…

Beach House As A Property Overseas Investment

You Should Be Investing In Property Overseas, Here’s Why

How To Secure Your Overseas Property This Year Of all the investment options out there, why put your money into real estate? And, more specifically, why overseas real estate? Our global property expert Lief Simon—who continues to grow his international real estate portfolio every year—says that diversifying into markets outside the United States helps him…

Going South is one of the best options you have for affordable real estate overseas

When It Comes To Real Estate, Experts Say, Go South

Look South As election results rolled in last week, thousands of Americans looked north… and boom went the Canadian immigration website. Really, those panicking masses should have turned south… or to Europe… where, in dozens of attractive markets, American buying power remains strong. If anybody knows the value of moving south, it’s Latin America Correspondent…

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