These are the 3 most important factors when timing your retirement.

The 3 Most Important Factors When Timing Your Retirement

Go When You’re Able… Not When You’re Comfortable

“In my 15 years of living overseas, I’ve never met anybody who hated their new home so much that they packed up and went home,” Latin America Editor Lee Harrison told our bunch of over 400 attendees gathered in Las Vegas last week for our annual Retire Overseas Conference.

“What almost everybody has admitted to me, though,” continued Lee, “is that they wish they had done this sooner… that there are now precious years of their lives wasted that they won’t ever get back.

“So, whether you’re planning to buy a vacation home or move full-time overseas, my advice is do it sooner rather than later. Go when you’re able… not when you’re comfortable. Over-analysis is your worst enemy…

“My parents’ path—in line with that of their generation—was toward financial security. Which translated to working as long as you could—and saving as much as you could. But I started wondering how soon I could possibly live or retire with some level of security and little to no work.

“When I decided to leave Manhattan behind for a new life overseas, I had an average income and average savings—less than some friends and colleagues who were considering the same idea. Fifteen years on, though I’m semi-retired, I’ve racked up more savings than those guys… who are still working away at their desks… waiting forContinue reading