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View across Panama City during a summer evening

Is It Safe? Living Overseas In Panama City And Paris

Maybe You Need Some New Friends?  When Harry told his friends and family back in D.C. that he was moving to Paris from Panama, he was shocked to be met with true concern… “Is it safe over there?” “Aren’t you worried about terrorism?” “But I hear about bombings or riots over there every year!” This…

portugal bech with umbrellas and people enjoying the sun

All You Need To Know About Portugal In Our 2019 Conference

The Safest Place For Singles? I dropped you a note last week to let you know that we’d opened up registration for our 2019 Live and Invest in Portugal Conference (giving you a head start on the rest of the readership)… It’s happening in April—a little earlier than usual—when temperatures around the Algarve are a comfortable 60…

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