The Best Investments To Generate Quick Cash Flow

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The Best Investments To Generate Quick Cash Flow

Top 4 Overseas Investments To Make Right Now

When considering any potential investment, begin by asking yourself whether you are buying more for capital appreciation or for cash flow.

At this stage of my investment career… as I get closer each day to “retirement”—I’m looking to add more cash flow components to my real estate portfolio.

If you, too, are shopping for cash flow, next consider when the investment on the table will begin generating some. In some cases (a rental apartment that you buy already fitted out for tenants), cash flow can begin immediately; in others (a turn-key agricultural play, for example), you won’t begin receiving payouts for a few years.

While the quickest way to generate income can be to purchase an apartment that is rental-ready, that approach generally means you’re buying a one-off property and must then put in place a rental manager to take care of it for you.

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, I’ve invested in more than two-dozen one-off rental properties in different countries around the world. I currently continue to hold nine of these investments in six countries.

What can I tell you about this approach to global property investing based on that long experience?

Give me turn-key instead.

Again, at this advancing stage of my investment career, I’m more interested in hands-free options for generating cash flow from my property holdings.

Quickest Cash Flow I Know

The best quick-start offshore cash-flow option I know of is hydroponics. The hydroponics developer we’re working with in Thailand now has a couple of years of experience operating his systems and selling the produce.

It takes time to set up a new greenhouse and to install the necessary systems, but cash flow begins within 12 to 18 months from the date of your investment. After that, revenue from harvests is paid out every six months.

Not quite the same as monthly rent from a rental property but less headache than dealing with renters… and the projected returns (of better than 16.5% annualized over the life of the investment) are better than average net yields from most rental properties. Plus, you can get started for just US$49,500.

Otherwise, agriculture opportunities typically begin generating revenue in year three or four after your investment, depending on the product.

The New Black Gold

The developer of a truffle plantation we’re working with projects first harvests in year three after the trees are in the ground.

Truffles are a luxury product enjoying fast-increasing demand among the world’s affluent. Meantime, wild production has been inhibited by drought and climate change. That’s where the developer we identified comes in. He’s farming truffles in a formal way.

Planting trees for truffles to grow on is just the start. The developer in question is also using modern technology to help the truffle spores grow quicker and more broadly among the tree roots. The bottom line is excellent returns and cash flow for owners of the trees.

The production from this truffle plantation is sold in euros, meaning this can be a great option for someone looking for euro cash flow or currency diversification.

Cash Flow Does Grow On Trees

Cash flow starts in year four for most turn-key fruit tree plantation investments, and then trees go on to produce for at least 30 years and sometimes up to 50 to 60 years more. This makes this kind of investment an excellent choice for someone trying to put in place long-term retirement cash flow. It’s a great legacy opportunity; you can be buying for more than one lifetime of income.

Different factors can play a role in whether a particular opportunity meets your objectives. For many, the fact that the fruit tree plantation we work with operates in U.S. dollars is a comfort. If, though, currency diversification is an agenda for you, this would not suit.

Some people get excited about a particular fruit. Mangos, for example, are the most eaten tree fruit in the world. The fruit developer we work with sold out previous mango plantation offers we’ve reported on but is ready to launch a similar turn-key project—with a different fruit. We’ll have full details at my Global Property Online Summit next month.

Beach Rentals In Brazil

My most recent rental property investment was in Brazil. The attraction for me in this case was a combination of price, projected return, and the currency and economic diversification that Brazil provides my portfolio.

Rental projections from the developer for these beach townhouses are through the roof. I don’t disbelieve the guy (if I did, I wouldn’t have invested with him). Still, I dialed back my expectations… and still found the yields to be worthwhile.

Bottom line, this is an excellently priced beachfront opportunity providing excellent cash flow. I couldn’t resist.

That said, this is not as turn-key an investment as the agriculture projects, though the developer has put in place the infrastructure required to manage the rental through local partners.

By Lief Simon