Hello, We are the conference coordinators for Live and Invest Overseas.

Alessandra Sandoya,
Conference Manager
Annette Riquelme,
Conference Assistance

Gloria Contreras,
Conference Assistance

Here in our Panama City, Panama, headquarters, the Live and Invest Overseas conference team is working hard to deliver the most dynamic and information-packed events possible in the world’s top retirement and investment havens.

Whether you’re considering a new life in the French countryside, on the shores of Belize, or in Spanish-colonial Ecuador…or you’re looking to diversify your portfolio with an overseas property purchase or to protect your assets by taking them offshore, We promise you this: Our far-flung global experts have the answers, the experience, the judgment, and the real-world advice you need to make every lifestyle, retirement, and investment dream you have come true.

We invite you to join them and us at one of our top-notch events soon.

Meantime, We’re standing by to help any way We can. You can reach us with your questions by email at or by phone at 1-888-627-8834 (toll-free in the United States).

We hope to meet you soon.