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Schafberg Mountain, Austria. renaissance travel

Renaissance Of The Golden Era Of Travel

Is there any mode of transport so pleasant… so relaxing… so civilized… as train travel? In Europe, at least, I’d say no. Throughout Western Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, the U.K.,…
Valencia’s famous aquarium

Valencia: Spain’s Unsung Glory

Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, has so many nicknames and claims to fame, it’s hard to highlight just one aspect of this remarkable city. City of Oranges… Designer city… (World Capital…


“The absolute finest conference I ever attended (& that number is in the hundreds). Topics were great. Presenters were wonderful. Your staff was outstanding.”

— Bob Seligman, United States
“I feel much better prepared and therefore more confident in planning to retire in another country.”
— Stephen Scott, United States
“The first day has more than paid for the expense of the trip.”
— Scot Cave, United States
“Completely exceeded any expectations I had.”
— Kelly G., United States
“What a team Lief and Kathleen have put together! I’m so impressed with the extent of professional knowledge present in each of the speaker’s presentations.”
— Kelly G. , United States

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