Live and Invest in Latin America Virtual Conference 2022

Live and Invest in Latin America Virtual Conference 2022

Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022

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Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022

  • Welcome

    Lief Simon, Live And Invest Overseas

  • Discover Latin America—Belize, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Nicaragua, And Chile

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon, Lee Harrison, Sasha Savinov, and Lauren Brown

  • Workshop #1: Visas And Residency

    Lief Simon with Lee Harrison, Juan Darío Gutiérrez, and Lishali Báez

  • Belize... An English-speaking Caribbean Paradise Less Than Three Hours From The United States…

    Con Murphy

  • Panama... The World’s #1 Retirement And Business Haven... With Still-Emerging Pockets Of Opportunity For Real Estate Investment...

    Lief Simon, Live And Invest Overseas

  • Panama Roundup—Best Retirement, Investment, And Lifestyle Haven

    Liz Larroquette, Empresas Bern, Panama

  • Qualifying For Residency In Belize

    Ryan Wrobel, Wrobel & Co. Attorneys-At-Law, Belize

  • Colombia... The Best Health Care In Latin America With Diverse Lifestyle Opportunities…

    Wendy Howarter

  • A 101 On Residency Visas In The Little Isthmus

    Roberto Guardia, Guardia & Co., Panama

  • Independent Together: Lifestyle, Liberty, And Legacy In A Safe Sustainable Community

    Phil Hahn, Carmelita Gardens, Belize

  • Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022

  • Workshop #2: Taxes For The Expat

    Lief Simon with Lee Harrison and Brandon Olson

  • Mexico... Accessible, Affordable, And Familiar, With Two Long Coastlines And Well-Established Expat Communities…

    Lee Harrison

  • Earn 18-28% Annually From An Urban Development Project In Cartagena

    Andrew Straus, Consinfra, Colombia

  • From Hawaii To Panama... What Were You Thinking?

    Dusty Tubbs, Panama Expat

  • Top Residency And Visa Options In Colombia

    Juan Darío Gutiérrez, Gutierrez Group, Colombia

  • Workshop #3: The Property Question

    Lief Simon with Lee Harrison and Con Murphy

  • Building A Monthly Income Stream Using Dollars You Would Otherwise Pay Out To Federal And State Income Taxes

    Don Hosmer, Royale Energy, Inc.

  • Vista Encantada On Mexico’s Glorious South-Pacific Coast

    Sandra And Carlos Munguia, Vista Encantada Eco-Club, Mexico

  • Brazil... The Fifth-Biggest Country In The World Offers Diverse Investment Opportunities And Bargain Beach Properties…

    Lee Harrison

  • Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022

  • Offshore Taxes For Americans—Q&A

    Vincenzo Villamena, Online Taxman

  • Living In Nicaragua–An Expat Story

    Darrell and Amy Bushnell, Nicaragua Expats

  • Ecuador... The Most Affordable Retirement Haven In The Americas With Low Taxes And Easy Residency Requirements…

    David Morrill

  • Invest Now, Retire Later: How to Jumpstart Your Retirement 7 Years Early

    John Palumbo, Brazil Beachfront Real Estate Developers, Brazil

  • Own In Panama’s Premier Oceanfront Community On The Azuero Sunset Coast

    Jim Hardesty, Los Islotes, Panama

  • Looking For Your Piece Of Paradise Abroad? Here’s How To Try Before You Fly

    Lee Harrison, Live and Invest Overseas

  • Workshop #4: Health Care And Health Insurance

    Lief Simon with Adam Bates and Lee Harrison

  • Mexico’s Top Residency Visa Options

    Betzabeth Hernández, Inmtec Legal Services, Mexico

  • The Dominican Republic... A Super-Affordable, Sand-Fringed Island Nation And The Top Retirement Haven In The Caribbean...

    Darlene Gunter

  • Considering Ecuador? All You Need To Know About Residency Options

    Grace Velastegui, Grace Nelson Attorneys at Law, Ecuador

  • Friday, Aug. 19, 2022

  • Why Not That Country?

    Kathleen Peddicord with Lief Simon and Lee Harrison

  • Your Best Bets For A Residency Visa In The Dominican Republic

    Lishali Báez, Legal Bureau, Dominican Republic

  • Real Estate Opportunities In Coastal Ecuador

    Amy Prisco, Licensed Realtor, Ecuador

  • My Life As A Digital Nomad Throughout Latin America

    Sasha Savinov, Digital Nomad

  • Your Own Boutique Hotel In Argentina For Under US$1.5 Million

    Paul Reynolds, Reynolds Propiedades S.A., Argentina

  • International Health Insurance

    Adam Bates, Insurance Services of America

  • The Top 10 Things Everyone Must Know When Buying Property Overseas

    Mike Cobb, ECI Development, Latin America

  • Nicaragua’s Top Residency Visa Options

    María Acevedo, García & Bodán Attorneys and Counselors at Law, Nicaragua

  • Q&A

    Lief Simon with Lee Harrison and Adam Bates

  • Taking Those Exciting Next Steps

    Lee Harrison, Live And Invest Overseas

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