Market scene in Italy

Learning To Slow Down In Abruzzo, The Sweet Spot Of Italy

Italy’s Sweet Spot Rolls Out The Red Carpet 

“Abruzzo is the sweet spot of Italy,” Kat Kalashian, emcee of our Live and Invest in Italy Conference last week, told us in her opening presentation.

“You can find cheaper property in the South. But here in Abruzzo, there’s no trade-off on infrastructure. Property can be unbelievably cheap… but you have lots of amenities… the sea and the mountains… and you can drive to Rome in four hours.”

After Kat’s introduction, two local mayors rolled out the red carpet to attendees. The mayor of Pescara welcomed us in English, followed by Gabriele Florindi, mayor of Città Sant’Angelo, who spoke in long, lyrical Italian sentences… all of which were remembered and translated by Marco, our representative from the Chamber of Commerce.
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