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The beach El Rompio on Azuero Peninsula, Panama.

Is Retiring In Panama Still A Good Choice? If So, Where?

From Laid-Back To Luxury, Panama Offers Every Lifestyle A Retiree Could Wish For… All A Bargain I was the first to suggest Panama as a good choice for any North American looking for a place to retire that was sunny and cheap. I made that recommendation for the first time in 1998. Back then, I…

Panama City Skyline

Insights On Living In Panama: The Land That Has It All

Experiencing Life In Panama I’ll admit I knew little about Panama before I arrived in the country—and not even about that guy who faked his death in a canoe. (If you haven’t heard that one, don’t worry—I’ll share more details later.) I’d heard, of course, about the furious pace of construction in Panama City over…

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