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Life In Cyprus: The Pros And Cons Examined

The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Cyprus If you’ve long harbored dreams of living on a sun-soaked Mediterranean island but think you’ll have to win the Powerball jackpot to…

View from old wooden pier in Limassol, Cyprus

The Best Places To Live In Cyprus

Cyprus Cities: Where To Live And Where To Avoid Nearly 10% of Cyprus’ population, more than 100,000 people, are foreign retirees or expats. While Americans are just beginning to learn…

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Famagusta town, Cyprus

The Top 3 Towns To Live In Northern Cyprus

The Best Expat Towns In Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus, with its gorgeous beaches, great food, and rich culture, is an underrated retirement destination. Plus, since it’s a former British

Real Estate In Europe

Real Estate In Europe

Real Estate In Europe I am not yet a homeowner, but I’m on the brink… and the euro’s weakness against the dollar is coming at a beautiful time for me.…