Santa Elena, a beach town in Ecuador

Our Home Conference Kit Is Your Complete Guide To Ecuador

Sometimes I Wish I Were An Attendee…

“How was Ecuador?”

I got this question more than once on my return to my desk in Panama this morning.

I’ll get the same question from family and friends, too, over the next few days—as I do after every work trip.

And, every time, I can’t help but think of those internet memes—what my friends think I do/what my mom thinks I do/what my colleagues think I do/what I actually do. (Really, it’s time somebody made one of those for conference directors.)Continue reading

view across the valle of vilcabamba ecuador

How Living In Vilcabamba, Ecuador Can Put Years On Your Life

World’s Healthiest Retirement Haven?

In 1973, the village of Vilcabamba, Ecuador was put on the map by an article in National Geographic by Dr. Alexander Leaf from Harvard.

Leaf had traveled to Ecuador to investigate the world’s healthiest and longest-living people. Or so they were believed to be at the time…

Later accounts revealed that the local residents had exaggerated their ages (sometimes by decades). “Very Old People in the Andes Are Found to be Merely Old,” ran a 1978 headline in The New York Times.Continue reading

plaza grande ecuador view across the square and people walking around it

9 Things That You Really Need To Know About Ecuador

Better Than Five Gold Rings

Did you know that the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas“—which some believe is French in origin (maybe that’s how the hens made it in)—was originally designed as a memory and forfeit game.

As far back as the 1780s, singers would challenge each other in recalling the lyrics. Those who slipped up had to award their opponents with a favor of some kind. Good old 18th-century fun…Continue reading

ecuador lake

A String Of “F-Words” That Describe My Life In Ecuador

The F-Words Of Ecuador

Last week, I announced the launch of our 2019 Live and Invest in Ecuador Conference… and VIP seats have been disappearing fast.

If you’re still not sure whether Ecuador deserves your closer attention, I hope the impressions of expat Theresa Rall may help you decide…

Theresa shared her insights with our live audience in Quito back in 2014. Below is a transcript of her talk…Continue reading

ecuador cotopaxi tambopaxi outside

Our Ecuador Conference Is Back By Popular Demand In 2019

“When are you going to hold a conference in Ecuador again?”

Since I joined the Events team here at Live and Invest Overseas three years ago, this has been one of the most frequently asked questions to drop into my mailbag.

Though our last Ecuador conference was in 2014 (before my time at the helm of LIOS events), we never lost interest in Ecuador. But sometimes we have to shuffle around destinations on our calendar… and some old favorites must retire—at least temporarily—to make way for new ones. Continue reading

Why Medellin Is Attracting Everyone

Why Medellin Is Attracting Everyone (Including Serial Expats)

Serial Expat Calls This Place “The Best Of The Best”…

You may know Lee Harrison as our Latin America Editor or as editor of Overseas Property Alert… but he also holds the position of “serial expat”…

Lee, who retired at 49, spent his early expat years in charming, affordable Ecuador before moving on to a beach lifestyle in Punta del Este, Uruguay. During these years, he and his wife Julie also enjoyed visits to their vacation homes in Granada, Nicaragua, and Fortaleza, Brazil. (Simply reducing their cost of living by retiring overseas meant they now had funds available to invest in more property.)

Traveling as a freelance writer and property scout, Lee spends weeks (even months) on the road every year moving mostly around Latin America on the hunt for new opportunity. So, when he defines a place as “the best of the best,” it’s time to sit up and take note.

On landing in Medellín, Colombia, some years back, Lee was seriously impressed. Like Ecuador and Uruguay, this had the the ideal climate he and Julie had become accustomed to (with no need for heating or air conditioning)… Continue reading