Early 2018 Calender

A Sneak Peek At Our Early-2018 Conference Calendar

Some Good News And Some Bad News

The bad news is… no Live and Invest Overseas events this month.

The good news is… time to plan your schedule for 2018…

Here’s what we’ve got lined up in the first half of next year…

January In The Jungle

Belize is where our adventures begin, Jan. 17–19, with Belize City as our base once again for our 2018 Live and Invest in Belize Conference. We’ll introduce you to your top Belize options—from the unadulterated, unpretentious Caribbean shores of Ambergris Caye… to back-to-basics living in the lush Cayo… to Corozal in the north, close to the Mexican border—an area that’s growing in popularity with expats.Continue reading

2018 global property summit

Global Property Summit: Real Estate Overseas Made Easy

How To Buy Your Dream Home Overseas

Why would you want to buy a piece of real estate overseas?

This is the first question we tackle every year at Lief Simon’s Global Property Summit. And, it’s an important one whether you’re looking for a full- or part-time home in another country… or shopping purely for an investment opportunity…

The big advantage of real estate anywhere, of course, is that it’s a hard asset—a real and long-term store of wealth. But why real estate overseas, specifically?

In a nutshell… you’re giving yourself the gift of diversification. When you purchase a piece of property in another country, you’re achieving diversification of market, of economy, of political regime, and of currency. Everything everywhere is cycling all the time, but the cycles are all different. Some markets are booming while others are in crisis. Currencies are always up or down one to the other, but the ups and downs are ever-moving targets. By spreading your property portfolio around, you can insulate againstContinue reading

Global Property Summit: The World's Best Properties All In One Place

Global Property Summit: The World’s Best Properties All In One Place

Make A Profit While Living The Good Life

If you’re planning on buying property overseas—for pure investment… for personal use… or something in between—and you want to make your move before another year slips by, then there’s only one place you need to be this spring…

Our 2017 Global Property Summit, March 20–22, at the Marriott Hotel here in Panama City.

It’s your only chance this year to join us for three property-focused days as our team of experts introduces you to the best markets in the world to buy a second home… a full-time home… or invest for the short- or long-term in opportunities that can provide a healthy cash flow, boost your retirement nest egg, and serve as safe diversification.

But wait a minute…

Maybe you think this summit is only of interest to “serious investors”? Perhaps you just want to buy that proverbial second home in the sun and enjoy it all to yourself… for the rest of your days?

Trust me, a lot of folks start out that way. But there’s something about living overseas… embarking on a new adventure…Continue reading

The City Of Medellin, Colombia, Offers Sophisticated Living On A Budget

Property Opportunities In Medellin, Colombia

Sophisticated Living At A Much-Undervalued Price

I have a quick-fire question for you…

When you hear mention of “Colombia,” what’s the first thing to spring to mind?

(Don’t overthink it. Just settle on the very first thing.)

Was it coffee… drugs… gangs… Pablo Escobar… or beautiful women?

Or—if you caught Narcos on Netflix—maybe Escobar making million-dollar drug deals, surrounded by beautiful women, shooting down rival gang members?

If this is your image of modern Colombia, then we need to talk.

At the Global Property Summit here in Panama City last week, attendees wereContinue reading