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Colorful houses in Girona, Catalonia, Spain

How To Invest In Property 101: The Pitfalls You Should Avoid

5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Overseas Property Investment Among the new trends we faced last year, a country home being snapped up by a foreign buyer “sight unseen” was an all-too-frequent story… 2020 was the year that technology stepped in to bridge the gap like never before. Maybe you embraced this and bought property…

Bangkok, Thailand skyline from Krung Thon Buri on a beautiful sunrise.

Why Overseas Real Estate Is Such A Good Investment In 2021

No More Sleepless Nights Of all the investment options out there, why put your money into real estate? And, more to the point, why foreign real estate? My husband Lief Simon—who continues to grow his international real estate portfolio every year—says that diversifying into markets outside the United States helps him sleep better at night.…

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