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view of medellin city at night

Why I Found Friendly Medellin, Colombia So Refreshing

Is This Place For Real? I’ll never forget the first taxi ride I took in Medellín, Colombia. As we approached the city, my driver stopped at a red light. In the lane next to us, another taxi driver sat waiting for the lights to change. Then something happened that took me completely by surprise… Those…

The City Of Medellin, Colombia, Offers Sophisticated Living On A Budget

Property Opportunities In Medellin, Colombia

Sophisticated Living At A Much-Undervalued Price I have a quick-fire question for you… When you hear mention of “Colombia,” what’s the first thing to spring to mind? (Don’t overthink it. Just settle on the very first thing.) Was it coffee… drugs… gangs… Pablo Escobar… or beautiful women? Or—if you caught Narcos on Netflix—maybe Escobar making…

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