What Do Nobel Prizes And Global Property Have In Common?

What Do Nobel Prizes And Global Property Have In Common?

The Easiest Way To Secure Your Second Home In The Sun

You’ve probably realized by now that I’m a sucker for a good quote. I’ve been holding the above words from British scientist John Kendrew—who, in 1962, shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry with his Austrian colleague Max Perutz—until the time came for us to talk property again. And, today’s that day.

But let’s stick with Nobel for a moment. Do you know how much Nobel Prize winners earn these days?

Bob Dylan—who controversially skipped the award ceremony for his 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature—will come away with approximately US$900,000 (8 million Swedish krona)… as long as, in keeping with the academy’s rules, he delivers a lecture on the theme of literature within six months of the award ceremony.

Now Bob may not have much appreciation for that money. After all, this is the same guy who, in 1986, gave us these lyrics:

Wealth is a filthy rag
So erotic so unpatriotic
So wrapped up in the American flag

But, maybe three decades on, older and wiser, and with the times a-changin’ as they are, Bob will heedContinue reading