Portugal’s Incredible Story: One Of The Biggest Empires

Once A World Player, Now A Little-Known Safe Haven

Picture a chain of historic and charming small towns strung together by a single-lane highway, people walking or biking along, passing roadside stands offering fresh fruit at unbeatable prices (3 euros for a 5-pound bag of oranges!).

The weather is warm, and blossoming vines grow over the stucco walls that hide beautiful villas inside. Thanks to fantastic weather year-round, with more than 300 sunny days a year, every day is a perfect day to get out and enjoy your new home (and you won’t need to worry about heating or air conditioning bills).

Continue east, and small towns give way to flowering hedges, tall trees, and grasslands. The landscape is an eye-candy explosion of orchards and flowers that bloom year-round, across more than 200 kilometers of craggy coastline and some of Europe’s best beaches…

This is Portugal’s Algarve… and as alluring as its current assets are, I’m a history nerd andContinue reading