Beautiful clear water beach in Belize with a small property

Quirks, Conferences, And Property In Belize

Buying Into The Good Life

“Welcome to Double Head Cabbage,” reads an actual village sign some 40 kilometers outside of Belize City.

It’s not the only quirky name you’ll find around this Caribbean country. Expats we know have settled around the village of Teakettle… in the Gallon Jug area… and out on Banana Bank.

Such Disneyesque place names certainly add to the charm of this overlooked Caribbean nation. A charm that wasn’t lost on the attendees at our 7th (and biggest to date) Live and Invest in Belize Conference two weeks ago.

From the first morning, I could feel the excitement building in the room. Here our attendees sat, ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. And, for those in search of adventure, they couldn’t have chosen a better place.

On the plus side, Belize is English-speaking. The new expat in town doesn’t have a new language to contend with per se…

Belize is still, though—as much as anywhere in the world—a foreign country. It has its quirks… and its own culture that will require some getting used to.

By the time we were through hearing from our expat guests (who gave their usual “warts and all” lowdown on their adopted homeland), it seemed that most of our attendees were already sold on Belize…

Not on Belize City where we sat throughout the main seminar. But they were curious about Ambergris Caye (offering the carefree tropical life Madonna sold us in her “La Isla Bonita” video back in the 1980s) and the Cayo District (with its opportunity for self-sufficient living)—places many of them would venture out toContinue reading