The Secret To Success In Rental Property is A Property Manager

The Secret To Success In Rental Property: A Property Manager

The Success Of Your Overseas Rental Hangs On This

Buying a rental property overseas is one of the most rewarding—not to mention smartest—investment moves you can make today.

Not only is there the monthly cash flow to look forward to, but you also have the advantages of:

  • Diversification outside the United States;
  • Use of your own property should you decide to spend time on location;
  • The potential for capital appreciation when/if time comes to sell.

How much your rental income “paychecks” amount to month to month—and how much you could sell your property for some years down the line—is, of course, dependent on the market. Identifying the markets with the most potential today (and for the long term) is part of our core agenda at Lief Simon’s 2017 Global Property Summit here in Panama City this week. (If you’re not with us in person, you can tap into all the action here.)

Apart from the market, there’s another critical factor in guaranteeing yourself the best return on your rental property. You need to be able to easily reach your target renters—and, in the case of a short-term rental, keep bringing them in.Continue reading