Dream Retirement Home Overseas

10 Things To Ask Before Buying Retirement Property Overseas

10 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Retirement Home Overseas

Whether you’re planning for investment or retirement, buying real estate overseas is fundamentally about diversification. Today, we’ll focus on the retirement side and what you need to consider when you’re looking to buy in a place where you’re planning to spend at least a couple of months of the year on the ground.

It’s important to understand that moving all your savings out of the States and into a single residence overseas doesn’t bring you the level of diversification you should be seeking right now. However, using some of your capital to buy a home in the place where you want to live and putting another share to work in another market (ideally one that uses a different currency) gets you not only diversification but also what amounts to a rent-free retirement.

The bottom line for the retiree-buyer is to follow your instincts—not only in figuring what to buy overseas but also in considering whether you should buy at all.

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