Going South is one of the best options you have for affordable real estate overseas

When It Comes To Real Estate, Experts Say, Go South

Look South

As election results rolled in last week, thousands of Americans looked north… and boom went the Canadian immigration website.

Really, those panicking masses should have turned south… or to Europe… where, in dozens of attractive markets, American buying power remains strong.

If anybody knows the value of moving south, it’s Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison:

“I’ve owned and lived in a home in a beautiful riverfront mountain setting… two awesome downtown apartments… a large beach house on a tropical island… and a sprawling home in a famous beach resort…

“And I’ve come away each time with more money than I’d had before the purchase.

“Collectively, these purchases have enabled the amazing retirement I’ve enjoyed.”

In each place he settled, Lee didn’t start out looking to make a profit on his new home. He simply bought property in Continue reading