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A Community Of Friends Can Make Anywhere Feel Like Home

Your Chances Of Survival Overseas Hinge On This

“Why don’t I own a four-bed, two-story country home in my native Normandy? What’s wrong with me?”

These were the thoughts that haunted me as I flew back to Panama after my last trip to France.

You see, in Paris for a whole month, I’d spent a lot of time catching up with friends. And, dinner after dinner, it was pretty much the same story… Continue reading

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2 More Reasons To Attend Our Retire Overseas Conference

Why This Is The Best Week To Reserve Your Seat In Las Vegas

My colleague Allison Jokinen, Senior Events Coordinator here at Live and Invest Overseas, recently started writing a newsletter exclusively for attendees joining us for our 2018 Retire Overseas Conference (or “ROC” as we call it in-house).

Allison’s letter is called Backstage ROC: A Peek Behind The Conference Curtain, and if you’re already on the list to join us in Las Vegas this fall, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve been thinking about joining us for this year’s event—but haven’t gotten around to reserving your place just yet—here are two reasons why you should grab your seat this week…

1. Get Insider Tips—Before You Go—To Help You Get The Most From This Life-Changing Conference

We’ll do everything we possibly can on the ground in Las Vegas to help you identify the place—or places—worthy of your attention… and devise a plan of how you’re going to get from where you are now to inserting yourself into your new life in paradise.

But, to get the most out of your conference experience, it helps to come prepared. And that’s why Allison started writing her monthly notesNot only to help ROC attendees with the format of the event (we pack a lot into these three and a half days)… but also to engage you in a little personal preparation (getting to know your own needs) that will help you make every minute in Las Vegas count.Continue reading