Living Overseas Success Stories—Conference Alumni Share Their Real-Life Adventures

When you decide to retire overseas, you’re certainly taking the road less traveled. The path is not always easy (and I’d never try to convince you otherwise), but I can tell you that adventure is guaranteed.

And the good news is that you’re not the first to make this journey. In each of our top retirement destinations at Live and Invest Overseas, we have a number of go-to expats who have paved the way, survived the move, and are ready and willing to share their experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly… and the downright crazy).

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Workshop #3: Living Overseas Success Stories—
Conference Alumni Share Their Real-Life Adventures

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Welcome aboard!

Kat Kalashian
Editor, LIOS Confidential

P.S. Though at times it may seem daunting, you are not alone in this live overseas adventure…

These events and conferences bring together hundreds of the world’s top experts on living, retiring, and investing overseas… as well as dozens of real-life expats—folks just like you—already living amazing new lives in dreamy places across the globe.

Experience your future home abroad with your own eyes and connect with like-minded people…

All with the support of the world’s top overseas experts… as well as dozens of real-life overseas retires and hundreds of your fellow readers in attendance.

We look forward to showing you this big, beautiful world…

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