Kat Kalashian

Kotor in a beautiful summer day, Montenegro

Discover Montenegro’s Secret Riviera

Europe’s Last Frontier In the Great Age of Discovery, ships went forth from Europe to the far reaches of the earth, bringing back spices, gold, silver, and

The Top Spots In The Adriatic Coast

Comparing My Favorite Spots On Europe’s Secret Riviera Exploring Southern Europe’s lesser-known destinations is a special treat, and the Adriatic Coast is one such “undiscovered” locale… This little corner of…

Eiffel Tower at sunset in Paris, France

The Secret To Travel More And Live Better

Coming Home To That Vacation Feeling Every time I leave Paris, whether for business or pleasure, I come back and sigh with relief and comfort, either in the taxi as…

Cuenca, Ecuador

Adventure Travel In Ecuador

The World’s Best Place To Retire Well On A Tiny Budget We made a sharp turn off a small country road into the brush and started to climb. After a…

Life In Cyprus: The Pros And Cons Examined

The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Cyprus If you’ve long harbored dreams of living on a sun-soaked Mediterranean island but think you’ll have to win the Powerball jackpot to…

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