laughing bird caye in Belize

How Belize Is Setting Itself Apart: From Residency To Retirement

Doors Are Now Open For Belize 2018 (Plus 40 VIP Seats Up For Grabs) We haven’t talked about the country in these pages in a while. (Our Belize conference last February already seems like a lifetime ago.) But now, especially for you Belize fans out there, we’re getting ready to return to one of our…

looking out a window onto a balcony overlooking mountains and ocean

It All Starts With A Plan: Narrowing Your Overseas Options

It All Starts With A Plan “Having a destination in mind helps to bring everything into focus,” Latin America Editor Lee Harrison told our audience on our first morning gathered together in Orlando last week. “The ideal spot is different for everyone. But once you find yours, it helps to

a toy bus with suitcases on it in front of a graffiti wall

The Truth About What You Need To Move Overseas Today

“Do I really have what it takes to start a new life overseas?” This kind of doubt creeps into the mind of every prospective expat as they consider their options for a new adventure overseas. (I asked myself this, too, when trading in Paris for Panama two years ago.) But, for a moment, let’s approach…

the Orlando florida skyline

Kick Off Your Overseas Adventure By Joining Us In Orlando

The Easiest First Step Toward Your New Life Overseas Just six days till we open the doors of our 2017 Retire Overseas Conference… If you’re joining us in Orlando next Sunday, I look forward to meeting you at our biggest event of the year—where we’ll walk you through all those big-picture issues of planning a…

Why Mexico’s Beaches Are Better Appreciated By Canadians

Sorry, Mexico… We Haven’t Been Doing You Justice  Mexico is on the forefront of our minds this week as my team continues to work out the schedule (including those all-important coffee and cocktail slots) for our second Live and Invest in Mexico Conference. I wrote to you about Mexico last week. But Canadian expat in…

Expat Living In Mexico

Expat Living In Mexico Comes Easier Than Anywhere Else

Retiring Overseas Doesn’t Come Easier Than This Mexico is hands-down the easiest retire-overseas option for North Americans. In numbers, it also holds up as the most popular escape. Of the (at least) 6.3 million U.S. expats overseas, 1 million are estimated to live within Mexican borders—while an estimated

Stone gargoyle looking over the Paris rooftops

Some Of the Beauties (And Beasts) Of Life In France

“But French is impossible!” “I can’t cope with the accent!” “You people speak way too fast!” Those are just some of the comments I’ve had to endure from English speakers over the years. And, we know from reader inquiries that

colorful building at the Orlando Citywalk at night

Busting Myths: Expectation Versus Reality Of Moving Overseas

Expat Myth: You Have To Be Rich To Live Overseas  Recently, Mary M., United States, wrote in to say: “Kathleen, I do not believe a word of the article you published from the people who say they quit their jobs and are traveling around. “Please don’t print stuff that is fantasy. It just isn’t fair.” All…

sweet home france

The Feel Of Home: A France For Every Season And Lifestyle

The Good Life Defined One of the reasons I left Paris behind more than two years ago was the frantic pace of life in a city that’s always moving. Back in the City of Light last week, I realized what I missed most about Paris was exactly the same reason that I’d left: the nonstop…

Expats Finding A Personal Paradise In Portugal’s Algarve

Three Expats Find Paradise In Europe’s Top Retirement Haven “It instantly felt like home,” full-time expat Alyson Sheldrake says of her adopted home village of Ferragudo in Portugal’s Algarve. After visiting the Algarve for some years, Alyson and her husband were immediately sold on the first and only property their agent showed them. And that…

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