Colorful village of Assos in Kefalonia.

The Top Places To Retire In The Mediterranean

The Best Of The Mediterranean: Malta, Spain, Greece, Cyprus… Last week I started a tour of Europe, showing you some of the highlights of a life in Portugal, France, and…

Varenna small italian village, Lake Como in Northern Italy

Retirement In Europe Can’t Be Beat

The Old World Can’t Be Beat… I am vacationing in Barcelona for the first time in about 15 years… and far from disappointing after the hiatus, this city is better…

Medellin, Colombia to the left and Cuenca, Ecuador to the right

Expat Life In Medellín, Colombia Vs. Cuenca, Ecuador

Medellín, Colombia Versus Cuenca, Ecuador—Top Retirement Havens Faceoff I’ve spoken with lots of potential expats who are trying to choose between Cuenca, Ecuador, and Medellín, Colombia… even though these two…

Businessman using a computer to Concept of fund financial investment management portfolio diversification

Keys to Diversifying Your Portfolio

Diversifying Your Portfolio As The World’s Going Through Changes Record housing prices, record equity in real estate, collapsed cryptocurrency market, inflation at 40-year highs, interest rates up, stock markets down……

Senior retired woman sitting on the pier enjoying the view of lake

Retiring Abroad Alone? Here Are 8 Things To Know

Single Overseas—8 Things To Know Before You Go Last issue, I shared the following reader question with you: “I would appreciate some articles specifically about single women retiring to countries…

Mexico, Mazatlan, Colorful old city streets in historic city center

The Top Countries With Favorable Exchange Rates

These Currencies Are Turning Against The Dollar—You Need To Act Now To Seize Your Discount Recent changes in exchange rates are creating real estate bargains in unexpected markets. Meantime, some…

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