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Creating An Asset Protection Plan: You Only Have 2 Options

The Story Everyone Needs To Hear

In all the conference presentations and workshops we run over the year, there’s one thing that always gets people’s attention… a good old-fashioned story.

We adults love a story as much as children. And, in our conference setting, it certainly captivates us in a way that listening to a speaker simply list pros and cons just can’t. Hours later, we’ll still be able to recall a good story (and its moral).

And, there’s one story that really gets our audiences’ attention. It’s made some gasp, some laugh… while many sit speechless.

If you’ve been in the room with Joel Nagel (our asset-protection and tax expert) before, you’ve probably heard him share this story. He tells it at our Emergency Offshore Summit every year. And, I reckon, he’ll be telling it for a long time to come.

It’s the “Story of Two Kings.” I can’t possibly tell it as well as Joel here—he’s able to build suspense with the audience on the ground. But, for now, here’s my best attempt at retelling…Continue reading