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Lonely backroad in the Cayo District of Belize near Mennonite settlement of Spanish Colony

A Stress-Free Zone

In the Cayo District of Belize, the burdens, stresses, and concerns of the rest of the world feel far away and unimportant… “We watch the news each evening, and we know what’s going on in the rest of the world… But we choose a different reality,” says long-time Belize expat Mick Fleming. It doesn’t take long…

Tropical Christmas

A Day For Goodwill And Good Cheer

Merry Christmas! Wherever we find ourselves in the world, no matter how the day is celebrated locally, Christmas is a day for goodwill and good cheer… and perhaps some good rum, if you’re south of the border! Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Christmas in some of our favorite countries around the…
Ambergris Caye Beach, Belize

Following The Path Of Progress On This Charming Caribbean Island

When you come to Belize, pay no mind to Belize City. This is the Calcutta of the Caribbean, the city a friend says he’s going to put on the cover of the “World’s Worst Cities” coffee table book he’s threatening to publish. Belize City isn’t Belize. It’s just the place where the country’s one and…
Caye Caulker Island in Caribbean Sea. Belize. Caribbean sea in background

Unlocking Paradise: The Caribbean’s Best Property Value

Belize is the best property value you’ll find in the Caribbean, with properties selling for a fraction of what most other Caribbean destinations sell for. It is one of the world’s most solid investment options in this post-pandemic era, with buyers more motivated than ever to find a property overseas. The pandemic was a setback…

Globetrotting In 2024

With the end of the year in sight, thoughts turn ahead to 2024—what will the New Year hold? For our All Access Pass members, who have automatic VIP attendance to all of our 10+ various annual conferences, webinars, and events, the calendar for 2024 is an exciting jaunt around the globe, including stops in… •…
Small tropical island at Barrier Reef with paradise beach in Belize

A Caribbean Beach Lifestyle At A Bargain Price

My first trip to Belize, some 30 years ago, was organized courtesy of the Belize Tourism Authority (BTA). I was a starting-out travel writer; the BTA was looking for press. This was well pre-“Survivor,” pre-“Temptation Island.” The only people who knew this tiny country existed way back then were divers and backpackers. And Morley Safer.…
Aerial drone panoramic view of the paradise beach with sandy shore, coral spots, palm trees, color boats and blue water of Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean

Top Picks For Affordable Living In The Caribbean

The Caribbean holds a special place in the hearts of most North Americans… those sugar-sand beaches, perfectly clear waters, the swaying palm trees…    You could say that the Caribbean represents the quintessential going overseas fantasy—who hasn’t let themselves daydream about life on an island, dozing in a hammock with an umbrella cocktail?   Pesky practicalities always…
Top Picks For A New Dream Life South

Top Picks For A New Dream Life South Of The Border

I spent seven years living in Panama, the Hub of the Americas, and during those years, I got to know Latin America pretty well… Belize, Mexico, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru… I’ve seen a good portion of this part of the world and spent time working in each. I moved to Europe in…
Paradise beach on island Caye Carrie Bow Cay Field Station, Belize

Why So Many Expats Are Moving To Belize

Finding Your Caribbean Shangri-La In This English-Speaking Paradise With our staff preparing for our annual Live And Invest In Belize event this week, I’m feeling a bit left out over on this (very cold) side of

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