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Tropical Christmas

A Day For Goodwill And Good Cheer

Merry Christmas! Wherever we find ourselves in the world, no matter how the day is celebrated locally, Christmas is a day for goodwill and good cheer… and perhaps some good rum, if you’re south of the border! Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Christmas in some of our favorite countries around the…
Christmas decorations in Alsace, France.

How To Celebrate A Traditional Christmas In France

Got The Stamina For A Traditional French Christmas? Paris has been alit since Nov. 24, give or take a few days depending on the quartier. The city’s Christmas streetlights bring a familiar cheer to strange times. It’s not the same this year as in years past, but there’s a festive feeling in the air despite lockdowns…

Tropical Christmas

Christmas In The Tropics: All Of The Spirit, None Of The Snow

Pump Up The A/C: Celebrating Christmas In The Tropics It’s my first time staying in Panama for the holidays. And—while I can’t have the cold, snow, and Christmas vitrines of Paris—I’ve been working hard to continue my own festive traditions in the tropics. (I’m a huge fan of Christmas, by the way—second only to our…

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