Praia de Iracema, Fortaleza, Brazil

Discover Why Fortaleza, Brazil Is A Top Expat Paradise

Last week, LIOS’ widespread experts, expats, and editors took attendees at our 2020 Retire Overseas Virtual Conference on a tour of the top 21 destinations worth your consideration for living and investing in today…

One of the places that recently entered this top 21 list is Brazil…

We haven’t talked much about Brazil here before. So, today, let’s take a look at what this haven has to offer—starting with an account of daily life from John Clites, a full-time expat in the country:

“As I set out for my day, bicycles whiz by in their bike lanes. People are walking and jogging, singly, in pairs, or occasionally in threes. I spot a few regulars: Speedo Man powers past me in his white tennies and black Speedo—and nothing else; Roller Girl rushes toward me on her in-line skates. But at this early hour, the crowd is mostly middle-aged walkers, like me. At night and on weekends, rollerbladers and skateboarders join the throng.

“This is a nation of water babies and beach bums. I don’t think any other country in the world appreciates its beaches like Brazil does. I pass an interval-training class just getting underway. While interval training interests me—I’d dearly love to shed 10 pounds—I’m not ready for that level of intensity so early in the day. More likely I’ll join that older gentleman down there near the waterline, burning his calories as he jogs slowly but steadily along in the soft sand. Just another week or two of walking and I’ll be ready!

“There’s a soccer game being played seemingly on every block. Volleyball games are underway, some of them friendly seniors’ games, others hotly contested matches.

“I shake my head in wonder as I pause a moment to watch that most Brazilian of games, futevolei (footvolley): Beach volleyball played without the players using their hands or arms… if you can imagine it. The server launches the ball with a Continue reading

ecuador lake

A String Of “F-Words” That Describe My Life In Ecuador

The F-Words Of Ecuador

Last week, I announced the launch of our 2019 Live and Invest in Ecuador Conference… and VIP seats have been disappearing fast.

If you’re still not sure whether Ecuador deserves your closer attention, I hope the impressions of expat Theresa Rall may help you decide…

Theresa shared her insights with our live audience in Quito back in 2014. Below is a transcript of her talk…Continue reading