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Will You Be Our Next Retire Overseas Conference Success?

Attendees Strike Back—Check Out Their Stories…

Past attendee Gary N. recently updated us on how his retire-overseas plans are coming along…

“When I attended the Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando, I already knew that I wanted to be near an ocean (preferably the Caribbean Sea) and narrowed down my destination choices to a few islands that have excellent diving.

“So I attended the 2018 Live and Invest in Belize Conference.

“My initial move will be to Ambergris Caye, Belize, in May or June of next year.

“Next April I will spend a few weeks on Ambergris to locate a long-term rental and begin the QRP residency process. I will then return to the United States to complete the sale of my house, car, and other household goods. Even though the QRP allows duty-free importation of household goods, I am not shipping anything. This move is helping me eliminate the unimportant ‘stuff’ that I have accumulated over many years.

“I am looking forward to starting a new phase of my retirement while based in Belize. I can fly three hours from Belize to reach Atlanta and visit grandkids. Another hour flight from Atlanta puts me in touch with many friends and relatives.

“My main reason for attending the Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando was to meet others with a plan similar to mine. As a retired widower, I was not in the same demographic as most of the attendees that I met. I spoke with many couples that were avid travelers and they were considering becoming part-time expats. The conference helped confirm that my plan to become a full-time expat was not unusual.”

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