Will You Be Our Next Retire Overseas Conference Success?

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Will You Be Our Next Retire Overseas Conference Success?

Attendees Strike Back—Check Out Their Stories…

Past attendee Gary N. recently updated us on how his retire-overseas plans are coming along…

“When I attended the Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando, I already knew that I wanted to be near an ocean (preferably the Caribbean Sea) and narrowed down my destination choices to a few islands that have excellent diving.

“So I attended the 2018 Live and Invest in Belize Conference.

“My initial move will be to Ambergris Caye, Belize, in May or June of next year.

“Next April I will spend a few weeks on Ambergris to locate a long-term rental and begin the QRP residency process. I will then return to the United States to complete the sale of my house, car, and other household goods. Even though the QRP allows duty-free importation of household goods, I am not shipping anything. This move is helping me eliminate the unimportant ‘stuff’ that I have accumulated over many years.

“I am looking forward to starting a new phase of my retirement while based in Belize. I can fly three hours from Belize to reach Atlanta and visit grandkids. Another hour flight from Atlanta puts me in touch with many friends and relatives.

“My main reason for attending the Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando was to meet others with a plan similar to mine. As a retired widower, I was not in the same demographic as most of the attendees that I met. I spoke with many couples that were avid travelers and they were considering becoming part-time expats. The conference helped confirm that my plan to become a full-time expat was not unusual.”

Of course, we love hearing about our readers’ and attendees’ successes. In the months following our annual Retire Overseas Conference, Allison and I like to reach out to our guests to see how they’re faring after our three information-intense days together. Some of their stories are truly inspiring.

As we’re approaching sell-out on this year’s event (and, in fact, the Early Bird Discount of US$250 expires this week), I’d like to share some more highlights of what we’ve received in our mailbag from our ROC alumni… so you can appreciate what’s possible in a year or less, once you get a gentle push in the right direction…

Cheryl K., from Nevada, writes:

“The Vegas conference in 2016 really motivated us to get going.

“We sold everything (house, cars, furniture, etc.). Steve and I then arrived in Panama on Oct. 30 of last year, spent four days in Panama City working on our pensionado visas, then drove west to Puerto Armuelles.

“We had only spent a half-day in Puerto Armuelles prior to our move, but when we found a rental house online we decided to go for it! We are renting a three-bed, two-bath, 1,800-square-foot house with an ocean view for US$750/month. Our highest electric bill was two months ago (US$38) during dry season. I do run the air conditioner in the bedroom all night, but not during the day. The living area and kitchen do not have air conditioning. The home is on approximately 2.5 acres with various fruit trees including noni, mango, guava, soursop, lemon, orange, cashew, and coconut.

“We really lucked out on the town; Puerto is, in our opinions, the friendliest town in Panama! Everyone says ‘good morning,’ ‘hello,’ ‘excuse me,’ etc., even when entering a restaurant or getting on a bus.

“Even though our Spanish is still limited, we find that most people are willing to try to have a conversation with us or help us if needed. In observing the locals, I notice that there are many people who stop to chat with each other, shake hands as they pass on the street, offer a woman their seat, and wave as you drive by.”

And, Jayne and Gordon H. in Oregon, told us:

“We really enjoyed learning about all the steps we need to consider before moving abroad. Since then, we have listened to several of the sessions again from the recordings that were made.

“We’ve also created a check list from Lee Harrison’s final talk and put dates down next to each one. Just doing that one thing started to make it all real! In the last month, we’ve opened an account at Moneycorp to convert dollars to euros and also a Schwab account so that we’ll have a financial partner who is used to dealing with international situations.

“Next month we’ll start to deal with updating our documents so that they’re ready for the visa process. We’re looking at a two- to three-year timeframe, so we’re just taking everything slowly, but deliberately.

“Thanks for checking in with us. We know we want to look at Portugal very carefully, so we’re planning to attend the conference there in 2019, when we’ll be ready to start scouting out the real estate market.

“Cheers to all!”

Meanwhile, Kevin B. writes:

“We are taking the steps to make the move somewhere around next June. We have narrowed our choices to either Ambergris Caye or Puerto Vallarta. The closing on our house sale is tomorrow and we found a rental house here in Iowa to get us through until we make the move. Exciting times for sure!!!”

I could include more here, but time is of the essence…

If you’d like to secure a seat at this year’s Retire Overseas Conference, now’s the time to make your move… before that US$250 Early Bird Discount expires.

As you can gather from the reports above, no attendees share the same story. They all come to the table with open minds… and, with the help of the experts and expats we’ve gathered for our biggest event of the year, they find their own way… and at their own pace.

What’s more, as soon as we’re all together in the room, there’s a sense of excitement and positivity. Suddenly the barriers that may have been there before disappear. You realize, as Gary did, that you can make this move on your own… or, as Cheryl and Steve are finding in Panama, you can get by on limited Spanish… and fill the language gaps later.

So, no more excuses…

This time next year, I’d love to be sharing your story with our readers.

Begin your journey now by securing your seat for our 2018 Retire Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Sept. 8–11, here.

Let’s do this!

Valentine Fouché

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