A hillside town in Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo, Italy: A Mix Of Art, History, And Near-Perfection

Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow, Italy Is Romanticism

I’ve been told many times that France is the country of love and romance.

But for me—since the first time I watched “Roman Holiday” as a kid—it’s always been Italy. I promised myself that, when I grew up, I’d go to Rome with my fiancé, whizzing through its streets by Vespa…

My first visit came a bit sooner than expected. I was 15 years old—accompanied by my parents, three siblings, and family friends…
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Sunset panorama of countryside fields in Abruzzo, Italy

Experience Italy’s Abruzzo: Your Ticket To La Dolce Vita

The big event news this month is… Italy!

At last, registration is open for our first Live and Invest in Italy Conference… which we’ll host, this Oct. 17–19, in the city of Pescara—on the Adriatic coast of the Abruzzo region.

Over three days in Pescara, our full Italy team will introduce you to your best living options here in Abruzzo and beyond—though, once you spend a little time around Abruzzo, you may find it hard to imagine anything better…

Abruzzo is a place where…
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